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Bicycle glitch

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Look, before all you guys who think you're big by pointing out topics which are old and then rambling on about the hopeless search, then when I post in that topic you say "dont bring up old threads".. I have read all the stickies, and this glitch is not there.


This glitch is similar to the unmarked Pay n Spray


yesterday I was riding a bycycle through the highway on the desert area. I was going full speed when I had a head on collision with a truck. The camera went really close to the bike as it normally does, when it went a little bit fuzzy, and showed the undersize of the truck, and the surrounding environment was moving, showing that I was moving with the truck.


The truck eventually passed, and I was left stuck in the middle of the road. I exitted the bike and the bike was still stuck in the middle of the road, vertical. I couldn't see the back half of the bike, it had gone through the map. I could get on and off the bike as normal, I panned the camera down and it showed empty grey space, along with the other half of the bike and my legs. Suddenly a car came at me and It knocked me 180 degrees, I fell off the bike and went falling through the floor for awhile, until the game froze and I suddenly appeared on the edge of a road with houses, very nearby to where I was.


Has anyone had the same experience?

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i had that but with a motorbike. It was half in half out of the road. When i went onto the motorbike, i feel through the floor. I kept falling & thinking ffs mad.gif then suddenly i landed back on the floor as if nothing had happend, even though i had just dropped for 15 secs.


I made a movie of it actually but its wid the digicam so the quality is not that good. If u want i can post it when i get back from school.

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Yea the thing how u fell thru the ground is common. Under the map is nicknamed blue hell. U can fly round under ther wit a jetpack if u want. Also wit the glitch i think this is one of the one off glitches that r rare but can happen any were type of glitch.

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That has happened to me as well, but I was on a FCR-900. I have seen that happening to pedestrian driven vehicles in Grand Theft Auto : Vice City as well. It was a Rancher.

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