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PlanetGTA's E3 Hands-On Experience


Recommended Posts

About a week ago we asked our visitors to submit their San Andreas questions. Today we have the answers. One of our own, Jordan from our partnersite PlanetGrandTheftAuto, was treated to an hour long 1-on-1 preview of the PC/Xbox version of San Andreas at E3 today. Besides being able to get past the security and into Rockstar's "booth" (which was more like a parking lot of pimped out buses), he was able to have a chat with a Rockstar representative who answered all our questions.


I recommend reading through Jordan's preview writeup for the full effect, summarising it here wouldn't do it any justice. Also have a look at the photos Jordan took at the convention.



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It was an absolute blast. I hope you all enjoy all of the images and the full preview.

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absolutely great work!! thanks to you digitalD and Jordan! You are great and i love the fact that there is someone there who is on the e3.


Thanks.. and i can't go sleeping now i have to take it in the news, damn.. anyway excellent work!


greetings from germany

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Thanks for all the hard work Jordan, you've definately been an asset to the GTA community.

I've been keeping my eye on Planet GTA the last few days and it has been very informative reading through all of your coverage!

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Good work Jordan! It looks like all of your hard work has payed off. I hope you have a nice rest of a "vacation" in LA.

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Wow, the taillights on that bus looks almost like SA style! Anyway, great preview!
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"19. Will Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas be the last PS2 game?


Yes, it was the last in the trilogy. No more GTA on the PS2."


WTF ???


I hope he means only on PS2.

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great thanks Jordan , pst you you should have gone on a kill frenzy on toese e3 guys for not givin you a media "somethin" biggrin.gif



anyways did anyone notice that black dude in the second pic almost looks like cj in sanandreas ph34r.gif

Edited by Neu_Lyf
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Thank you Jordan cookie.gif

Must be a great feeling to be the first fan who played the game on xbox, ain't it?



anyways did anyone notice that black dude in the second pic almost looks like  cj in sanandreas  ph34r.gif

Hm, a bit too fat, mine is taller ^^

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A little disappointed that they didn't comment on any of the glaring issues in the PC version like the lack of mip-mapping and the frame limiter, which leads me to believe that it's same ol' same ol', particularly in light of the replay feature apparently being exactly the same as before. I have to believe that the "medium" pop-in detail level isn't really all that important.

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Mipmapping is completely different from LOD scaling. Mipmapping controls how well textures fade into the background, LOD scaling is completely replacing both the models and textures into the background to ease the overall graphics load.

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Thanks a lot Jordan, AWESOME job man, waiting for more tomorrow...good luck wink.gif

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Don't worry, he means the next GTA will be released on the PlayStation 3.

OK, then...


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Thank you very much Jordan. You are great. The gta community all over the world loving you .


Yes, and thanks to DigitalD smile.gif

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