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GTA Ibiza

Mod garage locations?

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GTA Ibiza



Im having trouble finding the mod garages, i looked into the muscle car competition you have running here and i saw chrome strips and graphics inlove.gif , hmmm but i only have transfenders located on the map!!! and it sucks doing the same mods all the time


Do i have to unlock them and then they will appear on the map? im only 30% complete blush.gifsuicidal.gif , if so how long before they become unlocked?



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Car Mods guide


All open garages should be marked with a wrench on your game map, and are shown on the fold out map. Transfender and Loco Low co open after "cesar vialpando" I think. Wheel Arch Angels after "zeroing in."


Transfender (click for all locations):

user posted image


Loco Low co:

user posted image


Wheel Arch Angels:

user posted image

Edited by Mxyzptlk

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@Mxyzptlk - It's a bit of a crude fix but if your Java map images end up messed up, then you might want to try slightly adjusting the scroll position of the map and then generating a new image link. You can test whether or not they work in the post preview - it usually works the second time around. Unfortunately Azkoyen isn't as active as he used to be, and I don't think many other people can correct the images when they mess up like that confused.gif

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If you wan't do mod your cars before the mission try, look into the cheats and tricks topic and look for the topic everywhere unlocked.

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