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online for GTA PSP?

homie from another homie

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I doubt they will... Rockstar said that thier focus is not on multiplayer for the GTA series... That's why there is only a limited co-op mode in San Andreas.


Who knows... maybe they will do something to that effect. I think if they do anything, it would be a ad-hock type network support where you might play co-op with a friend who is in the same room as you, but i highly doubt that they will have internet support for it.



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wifi play would be awesome and i'#d say it's possible, just based on the fact that most other PSP games have wifi as standard, plus the comment from Rockstar might just be them teasing, u know how they love a tickle.

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I agree, even a two player free roam would be fun as hell. And it really could be done. Rockstar are eventually gonna have to crack and add an online component. Theres just too much demand for it, and if they dont' hurry, someones gonna step up and do it, which will steal the carpet right out from under there feet.

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Ad-hoc 2 player free roam would rock. Espetially if it doesn't force the two players to stay in the same region, like SA did, and allows both players to drive vehicles.

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Three words:


Virtual gang wars!

lets get this guy a job at rockstar


ok they would have thought about it before....i just hope we get some good info in the enxt day or so and then we'll hopefully know more about game biggrin.gif

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The problem rockstar have isnt the fact that they cant do internet its making sure that they can make it so all say for games are running at the same time because you would get cars/people appearing at different times on all four of the games due to the fact there is no fixed route for cars and peds they all spawn up when your in the area hence if a car drives off that your trying to jack and it dissapears if it goes out of your view

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