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The Wall


Recommended Posts

The Wall

Now I know how this board treats newbies but bear with me and listen to this "n00b"


I think any one with under (lets say) 50 post is not allowed to see Public Gang Chat. Because unless they are in a gang there is no reason for them to see it. Now if they join a gang perhaps the leader can PM a mod to allow that poster to view the board.


Thats just my solution to a bunch of bad gangs like G-unit.

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Chunky Lee Chong

Fifty posts is something that can be achieved in two days which would not change anything at all. If any limits were to be put in, which there won't because it's a horrible idea, it would be so that members that have been here for three months have absolutely no access to the Gangs area of the forum.


The Gangs area already has its set of rules, and if somebody decides to come along and completely disregard the rules and make their own gang, such as G-Unit, then they're at fault and all that will happen will be a locked topic and a warning.


The gang scene is in a situation where it should not be keeping members out but inviting them in. Being in a gang is a way to introduce yourself to the forum and have other members show you the way to become a better member, which is always a good thing.

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I can see new members spamming the crap out of GTAF just to get 50posts and see the gang area. sorry but i dont think it would work

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Technical Difficulty

Shouldn't this be in Forum Suggestions?


Just wondering.


And, nah, I don't think that would really matter considering it's not too hard to moderate the sh*t that's been going on in the gang scene, especially with all of these mods/admins/led-bys. It should be fine. smile.gif

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This is forum suggestions, anyway.. this would cause more work for the mods and admins, they already have alot of work to do with the GTA San Andreas forum, with the noobs making pointless topics. This is a bad suggestion, perhaps this could be locked as it's defintely no going to go through. - Luke.

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