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Mafia Drive Gunner

Terrorist Negotiations

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Mafia Drive Gunner

Well, overseas in many unstable countries, as we speak, people are being held hostage by terrorists. It is quite drastic. Especially when they release videos of badly beaten inmates to their living hell. The inmates, we'll call them, state their name, what the Terrorists want, where they are from, and a personal message to family and friends.


My debate is whether governments should negotiate to keep the people of their countries safe and alive by pulling out troops or paying ransoms etc. or let it be, and let it happen, letting the Terrorists kill people as a way to try and bribe the governments to stop the fighting.


I am really undecided myself, but I have got an argument both ways.


If we negotiate by paying ransoms and stuff, we end up letting the Terrorists know that they are winning us over by doing this, and that they do have an influence, which can help them get more members and become big groups, such as Al Qaida.


If we do not negotiate, people that go over to help people in war stricken countires are getting killed, which is horrible for families and friends, and puts the government in a tough position to defend themselves. So it goes both ways.


What do you guys think?


Here is a good example of someone who is over there at the moment held by rebels.


Douglas Wood -MDG

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It's so sad looking at pictures of Douglas Wood, he's so brave.


I think we should give them what they wan't, but then they'll probably keep taking hostages too become powerful.


I'm undecided like you come to think of it.

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just another thug
We'll the best thing that can happen is a successfull rescue mission. But if that isn't an option, then I'm undecided, leaning towards not giving in. The government could give in and then the terrorist could go back on their word. Risky buisness.

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Gta Gamer.

I'd like to see how quickly we started pulling out troops if say our Prime Minister or that Foreign Minister person was taken by terrorists through some amazing means.


Still, giving in to terrorists is like feeding seagulls on the front lawn - they keep coming back for more. Meaning the day we start negotiating with them, is the day more and more people are taken hostage, because we gave in to those other guys.

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As much as the 'no negotiation' argument is well founded, I'm tempted to side with negotiation in certain circumstances.


Let's remember that a Government is obligated to act in the best interest of it's people. When a citizen of your nation is held overseas, I would be tempted to do everything in my power to ensure their safe return, and if this involved negotiation then so be it. A TV programme even showed that if a British Government were to put economic issues over the lives of it's people it could be charged with manslaughter.


Whilst a Government shouldn't be seen to be negotiating with terrorists, you do have Governments like France who successfully 'secretly' negotiated the release of some French hostages in Iraq. Negotiations 'under the table' such as this can be beneficial to both sides.


Now, the argument that terrorists will gain support through successful negotiation is pretty lame - they're gaining support anyway through their terror attacks and motivation of the population.


In many cases, terror groups will resort to bombings and hostage taking if there is no mechanism for dialogue or because political talks have broken down. Peaceful resolutions to terrorist situations, such as negotiation, can open the door for further talks and hopefully in time a political resolution can be reached to end fully the conflict of interests.


We should also note the variety of terror groups - Al Qaeda for example, take hostages purely for terror purposes to strike blows against the US and other occupying forces. In South America, groups take wealthy, western hostages in order to raise funds for their political movements. If the IRA were to take hostages, it would be to facilitate a regime change in Northern Ireland. Given the different aims of the different groups, I am tempted to say that a 'one size fits all' policy on terror negotiations is pretty poor policy, in my oppinion.

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