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background images.

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me and svip have been working on this, and it is just not working... we'll, i have all the images to make the certain type of background... lemme show an example.


user posted image

see, it would all stretch with the text. without any text, let's just say a letter, it'd only look like this.

user posted image

if you know what i mean.


see, how would you do that? me and svip have already tried;


#tile{margin: 10px;padding: 10px;background-color:#C7CDD9;background:url(ltile.gif) bottom left repeat-y;background:url(rtile.gif) bottom right repeat-y;background:url(topltile.gif) top left repeat-y;background:url(toprtile.gif) top right repeat-y;width: 20%;}


but that didn't work... how would i do this? oh, and the images are at this place.


thanks if you can... confused.gif

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Simple answer, to a rather simple question:


CSS doesn't allow multiple background properties, so only the last of those backgrounds are being used.


So, you need to use a more advanced box model, to cater for rounded corners.


A quick google for "Rounded Box in CSS" returns:

The Thrashbox, Rounded Box for Compliant Browsers, and Rounded Corners in CSS.


Surely the owner of a web designer's community would know about advanced CSS box models?


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The most case of the problem is that I am not sure if the PHP generated code should change.


Cause what happens is that basically you have a <div></div>, and that needs the borders/stuff.


And you only have that div tag to make something out of it. And you're saying that ain't possible?

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well, i accomplished the double background property.. but i couldn't go more than two.





johnno, i love you.



Edited by Octember

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