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Another question

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I have another question. You know how when you beat the level "home invasion", how do you rob houses? It said that you can rob many houses at night with a certain van. Well, i got the van, and i still cant rob houses. Can someone help me with some info.?


P.S=I just dont understand blush.gif

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Search Results, get in a designated boxville at night and press R3.

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you can only do robbery missions during 9pm and 6am or something like that. The only houses enterable are houses with a yellow arrow at their doorways. oh and you pess R3 when in the van


dam you mixy cryani.gif

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You have to press R3 button to turn on Burglary Missions. Then go to district with hauses and when you find hause with yellow marker go into it, steal something and go with deal to Burglary Garage.

Fu*k!!! You beat me!!!

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Tommy? It's Steve... You're a marvel! I'm a marvel! They love us! We are re-writing the record books, pal. We are talking major awards here! I can put my dad in a home and tell him to shut up. It's HOT man. HOT. H-O-T. He never believed in me, but now I've made it! I'm the best dam' skin-flick director of all time, my friend! And I just wanted to say, it's a pleasure to have met you! I love you baby, don't go changing on me you hear!


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