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who thinks


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hi! I think you should be able to create your own character at the start of the game like def jam 3!Who else agees? bye!


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u mean with a selection of voices, mouths, ears etc... sh*t im down that would be cool colgate.gif

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That would be really cool.Except it would take away alot of the other features. But i would like to don that. Good idea... you guys want some cookies!!!





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Could be fun. Count me in.

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...... I hated fido he never spoke but tommy had smart arsed remarks and stuff which were funny like when you had the cops he said"whats your mother doing"\Still makes me chukle!But heck if you could make your own player u could if it was a boy or a GIRL!!!!!!!or blak or white and voice tone and stuff {anyway ive killed my brain so im off] ..........


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You can't exactly add this to the latest PSP though, as it comes too late. That would probably mean that the entire game would have to be put on hold and reprogrammed.


But still, not a bad idea.

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i reckon creating your own character would be great. you could pick what gender u wanted to be, and then choose everything from clothes to hair designs. it would be a good way of being really individal, plus if u played as a female you could have different abilities such as 'seduce':



man: oh sh*t, the cops are coming.

woman: oh no! wait, i have a good idea.

cop: scuse me madam, you just ran over that guy across the road.

press square to seduce cop

woman: look at these (woman opens shirt)

cop: thats ok mam, you can go now. (cop has suspicious bulge in trousers)


to funky:

your sig is done



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...... Yea thanks Clown. but that page dont work 4 me now =[ ..........


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...... No not sims coz that sucks!But have you ever played def jam 2?Like that that was awesome! ..........


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Create A Character would be good. NOT in GTA PSP. Smaller disk space, save it for some really good features. Character creation would be better for GTA IV.

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I doubt that GTA PSP will have a lot more than GTA3, so it should have plenty of disk space left over.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It might not work because the storyline could depend on the sort of character you are. For example GTASA only works because the main character is a black 'gangsta' etc. It wouldn't have worked if you turned him into some white goon with pink hair for example.

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