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can anyone MAKE GTA3 work with latest forceware dr


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I posted this on another forum, so it may conatin bits of no relevance. But it all boils down to me wanting Gta3 to work on my pc, with the latest forceware drivers.

I have a Ti4600 graphics card and am using the latest forceware drivers, 71.84?


Gta only runs with driver 50.XX and below.

It seems NO ONE else in the world has this problem, as I have not encountered an answer for it anywhere.



The latest forceware drivers always make my graphics card run better, but all the recent ones have a BIG bug.


I cannot play GTA 3.


The revision 66.93, cause texture errors in Frozen Throne and Tiger Woods Golf. However Ive updated from that, to 71.89 and hoped that all these problems would be fixed.


Related to Frozen Throne, these issues have certainly been fixed.

TIger Woods runs fine without graphics corruption as well.


GTA3, still messed up. THe game loads as if nothing is wrong, but all these lines are scattered across the screen, and its stretched and distorted.


Gta3 runs ok with the driver 44.XX, but these drivers are terrible and cause eyestrain problems for some reason.


Surely it cant be hard for Nvidia to just fix something in their drivers that didn't need changing in the first place. Does anyone else have this problem when running GTA3 with the latest forceware drivers on a Ti4600 or similar card?




Is there a way someone could kindly ask nvidia to fix this? I really want to play a game I actually paid for. Without reventing to the horrible dated nvidia drivers.

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the 70 drivers are not made for those video cards, they were made for GeForce 6 serries.

I know that because i have the 6600gt and i talked about it on the nvidia forums.

try the 60 drivers or the 50.

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But every other game works perfectly with these drivers and my card. Sometimes, I even notive improvements, such as loading times and in game pauses are reduced. There must be a problem with GTA3 itself, which could be fixed with a patch?, if rockstar still supports it that is...



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