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real grand theft auto 3 troubleshooting


Recommended Posts

Don't triple post, use the [EDIT] button to the top right of your post.


Care to tell us what exactly your problem is? Our 'read user's mind' hack is offline at the moment. dozingoff.gif

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i need help with real grand theft auto i cant get into "models" so that i can do all the other stuff it describes

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'Can't get in to'. That tells us nothing. Did you get an error message? How are you trying to access it, with an installer program or Windows Explorer.


Please be more detailed if you want an answer.

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im not too sure

i go to "search" and type in gta and it brings it up my problem is im not sure what to delete

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should i just uninstall gta 3 and delete rgta 3 then reinstall gta 3 and redownload rgta 3?

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Kudos on ignoring your warning. confused.gif


Once you're back, post the error message exactly as it appears on your screen. If you're not willing to follow instructions, we're not willing to help.

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the problem is i cant get to the file that contains the gta 3 models directory

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Make another account to get around your temp bans and I'll perma ban all your accounts. I don't expect to see another post for a week.


Now, you STILL haven't told us what the error message is. You still haven't answered any of the questions I asked in previous posts. It's almost like you don't want help. confused.gif

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I think he just broke the record in stupidity.


To answer your question and save you from torment, just reinstall GTA3.

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