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Take Audio from a video

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I have a music video on my computer. Unfortunetly, I don't have the song. I was wondering how, if it's possible, to take just the audio from this video and make a new file, or delete the visual from the file, or convert it to an audio file. You'll have to pardon my computer ignorance.


EDIT: Could this be moved to PC chat? Sorry.

Edited by DidierSucks

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For AVI and MPG I know it'll be easy with VirtualDub which is free and you can save the audio track.


For WMV, I don't know it might be a bit harder to simpily extract it.


The other idea is this, and I've done it in the past.

Start up SoundRecorder (snd32.exe) which you can do by creating a new WAV files, right-click on it and select Record.

Open the Volume Controls by double clicking on the speaker icon that should be in the system tray. Go to Options and select Properties. Click on Recording. Click OK. Find either Wave Out or What U Hear and click on the Select box

Then start recording with SoundRecorder, then play the video. When the video it done stop recording. With SoundRecorder you are limited to your editting powers.


The problem with doing this is system sounds and IM clients and the alike. If you have an IM client running, normally when a friend connects a sound is played, or if they send you a message. System sounds, it just depends how what you have set to play for different reasons.

Either case, if another sound is played while you're playing the video, the recorder will pick it up.

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You'll need a video editor, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Media Encoder or Windows Sound Recorder.


The first method is the easiest one as you just need to open the video in the editor and "extract" or "export" the audio to an MP3, WAV or any other audio format file. Some editors allow further editing of the audio file.


The Windows Movie Maker and Windows Media Encoder method is just like the first one, but the final result will always be a Windows Media Audio (WMA) file.


The Sound Recorder method is the hardest, and Wolf beat me in the explanation.... tounge.gif

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I use Super MP3 Recorder just set the recording setting to ''Stereo Mix' and its pretty easy from there, if you still need help theres a tutorial on the site which i linked at the top.

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I haven't tried this, but i know that Winamp has their out_disk.dll output plugin, this exports what winamp plays to a .wav. I don't know if this works when you're playing movies or not. Give it a shot

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Hey thanks guys. I tried the sound recorder method, but mine only seems to take one minute clips AND I can't find Wave Out or What U Hear on the recording select menu.


The Super Mp3 recorder will only take 40 second clips until I pay. VirtualDub cannot open the file, which doesn't suprise me. Windows Media Player can't either, it will just open the music. I use VLC Media Player to play the video.


The video is at the very bottom of the THIS PAGE, the Sex Hat Keine Macht video. Does anyone have any other ideas or should I try to find the audio for download on some P2P client?


(Stupid question. What is warez?)

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I agree with Pary about the ease of use for Super MP3 Recorder....have been using this for just a little bit and found it pretty slick for just this type of situation you have.... I second Parry.

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What I use (With Movie Maker 2).



Import the required Video File

user posted image



Drag and drop the Video/Icon into the Music/Audio bar.

user posted image



Save (File > Save Movie File).

user posted image



MM2 saves Audio files in WMA format, so if you want it in MP3, I'd suggest converting the acquired WMA with DBPowerAMP Music Converter.

Edited by Black-hawk

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