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The Ultimate San Andreas Stunt Guide

Recommended Posts

Master Yayo

XSA You guys are gods!! anyway i would like to comment on all of the bicycle stunts i'm seeing. For instance the huge roofs and flatland+backwards stoppies galore etc. nice work. NRG bunnyhops-you guys should check them out. I invented them. Wheelie back where you scrape the ground, after a few seconds you will bunnyhop. I have delayed a little on my vids but they are coming very soon...

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  • 3 weeks later...
try putting two packers a little far away from eachothe and see if you can land the jump sigh.gif

Without mods, one of the packers will probably disappear after CJ gets on a bike to do the jump.... the third vehicle CJ gets into causes the first to be removed. confused.gif

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Great topic Gotups.


ATTN Stunters: I am thinking about creating our own Anarchy Forums specifically for stunting. I know there is already gtastunting.com but maybe we could still make a forum. You would be able to upload show pics blah blah. If you think this is a good idea, then tell me so i can go thru with making the site. If not dont worry about it. It will be very cool once its done. The layout of the site would almost be identical to gta forums so it wud look nice as well. Tell me what you think.



PM if you think this is a good idea. I really wanna create this forum and it would be great to have an all stunt forum

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  • 3 weeks later...

I got an stunt idea! Put packer on railway and wait for train, when train hits the packer

jump it with nrg. Never tried thought. Might get troubles cos train can come from any


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I got an stunt idea! Put packer on railway and wait for train, when train hits the packer

jump it with nrg. Never tried thought. Might get troubles cos train can come from any


Seems a bit too basic, why not up the ante and packer to bump off the moving train to a rooftop or billboard?

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I got an stunt idea! Put packer on railway and wait for train, when train hits the packer 

jump it with nrg. Never tried thought. Might get troubles cos train can come from any


Seems a bit too basic, why not up the ante and packer to bump off the moving train to a rooftop or billboard?

Because i like stunts where you dont bump off something and fly on top of a skyscraper, i like stunts like parahute off bridge to a boat.

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Guys, stunt is like freestyle, when it's high or cool ( or both ) bassicly or not, if it's a stunt, it's a stunt. If he wants to jump on the train with Packer, he can, but he could try to jump of a plane with a parachute close of a bike and to jump on the train few seconds after, it's his choice!


Edit: I'm sure that it's late but a little something about the PCJ-600:


It's possible to do all San Andreas map on wheelie with!! The original handling of the PCJ-600 is cool when your are top-shaped, just pull your back to do a wheelie when you're parked, after just give some gaz up to 10-20 km/h ( Or more if you want but... ) just hold the wheelie button and try not to pass on to inclined streets, you'll be able to cross San Andreas country on the wheelie, CJ have been able to do a 2000 feet distance into ... 106 seconds, oay, it's slow but it can be fun for wheelie contestes.



Edited by N00BY
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  • 2 months later...

In that Domination video, how did they get it so they froze the character on the motorcycle and circled around them? That was friggin' awesome. That is also the only video I watched on the guide.



P.S. GREAT GUIDE! inlove.gif

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That vids old as hell. Its was made April 2005. The guide is also old as hell and seriously out of date. Gotups isnt even around anymore...

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I have trying to ride up the side of the Pyramid shaped building at Camel's Toe in the Casino city in the northern area.


It's very hard to do. I can't do it with heavier motocylces and I haven't tried with the stunt motorbike yet. As I couldn't find one when I need it. ( I have found no Spawn cheat for it either.)


As I have not really gone too far into the game story, I am still considered a Fegitive evreytime I visit this area.


So, I play this area with my Wanted Level frozen on no stars.


To make things morte interesting in other ways, I also have to chosen to use the cheat that makes civilians riot with weapons. I use the cheat that changes weather conditions to cloudy, foggy with sandstorms. I also have the road vechiles can fly cheat as I note that they fly faster and better than any of the aircraft made available in this game.


It is interesting watching the Police vechiles conducting their chases on and above ground with sirens blaring.


I have noticed that this cheat is either not extended to motorcyles or I just haven't worked out how to keep them airborn.


So, as far as I am concerned. Riding a motorcyle up a Pyramid isn't really cheating at all.


It's still hard to do. Cause I have to steal a motor bike from that area cause of all the road blocks still in place.


I have been able to find a parking lot full of them near a desert caravan park just on the western outskirts of the Casino city.


It was only once that they spawned nearly every type of motorcycle and I chose the heavier variety first.


As I have said, the stunt is impossible to do with a heavy bike. It barely makes it up a quarter of the way before it slows down to a stop.


Since then I haven't been able to find the stunt cylces which I believe may be able do the stunt the way I would like.


I have tried using the cheat for spawning the Quad bike which is the only cycle effected by the flying and nitrous cheats. The problem with the quadbike is that it's is very hard to steer at higher speeds and I have always ended up going up diagonanlly or sideways missing the mark. It also starts flying once I have it up to speed. ( I will try this also with flying turned off.)


Has anybody else tried this?

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  • 3 weeks later...

I tried going up the pyramid a few times on a PCJ and FCR (I think it was FCR), but I kept getting stuck in that groove near the tip. In order to get up as I did, I drove diagonally to get going then tried to straighten up as much as possible.

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Master Yayo

lmao! they didn't freeze their bikes, they just edited cleverly. they filmed them going off ramps, then clipped it and just showed them on the ramp and rotated the camera, it was very original. yeah domination is old it was made like right when i started stunting wow.gif

If you really want to drive to the top of the lv pyramid, then lean forward on your bike for more speed and stunt so you have a feel for the game and gain more control. you guys should check out Deathcobra's stunt guide! It has way more stunts than this one. btw DC you're an awesome stunter!

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  • 3 months later...
aztec veteran

If you use cars can fly cheats they will fly like planes and you get a massive insane stunt bonus when you land anuj_cop.gif

Edited by aztec veteran
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  • 2 months later...
+{{ [ A |2}}+
Ok i posted the movie examples.

yea you did but wait---- The file you requested were not found...



try to fix it kk?


OMGOMGOMGOMGOGMG anuj_cop.gifanuj_cop.gifanuj_cop.gifanuj_cop.gifanuj_cop.gif

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  • 1 month later...
  • 3 weeks later...
The Ultimate San Andreas Stunting Guide


Updated July 8th 2005

Changed some more typos added tree bumps, added 2 vids. Gasoline 2 and Adrenalized.


Updated July 6th 2005

Change some Typos, added create a bumps, helpful PC mods, XBox/PC cheats, gangs only cheat, some more stunt videos.


Introduction- This is a complete guide to help you learn how to stunt in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Some of these are hard to learn others are easy. It takes time and effort to learn how, but once you do you will be a god to all the other people that cant do what you can do. Thats why I started.


What you need

1. I highly recommend getting 100% in the game and get all gang territories. Cars get double damage, by then you will have full bike/motorcycle skill, max health, and gangs will not bother you.


2. These are the vehicles you will need from most important to least important. NRG-500 (the best bike in the game, Banshee (super flips/spins with hydraulics, I'll explain later), Bullet (best all around vehicle), Infernus (for large gaps its the fastest car in the game), Turismo (best flipper and lightest super car). Each one needs hydraulics and Nitro. Don't forget to have the cabbie with hydraulics. You can also stunt with a Quad (behaves just like a car just slower and not as cool), BMX (fun), or the Jetmax and Squalo (strange stunts to watch). Use large vehicles for variety.


3. Max muscle, and have around 20% fat.


4. have save files that allow you to transport from one area to the net very quickly.


5. Packer in the Hashbury garage. Also know where the packer in LV spawns. Its at a gas station south of the ammu-nation, but north of the quarry.


6. Know the city well, drive around with the HUD and radar off to get a feel what the state is like with out it.


7. Have a unique out fit. This will be a good trademark if you make videos.


8. Complete Car and Motorcycle school


9. Ultimate stunter package gathered by Buzzsaw contains the following mods: Blue Skies, Enhanced Tire Traction, Pizzadox +27 Trainer, Garage Editor, SA Opened Up, Place Manager, SANGA, Transfender Overhaul Beta, No Rust/Dirt, a 100% complete game save, an american.gxt with the replay text removed, a list of useful keyboard cheats, [FP]SARAH(replay handler), Clock Advance, Sunlight 24/7, Empty Streets, SA Advanced Control, Stunt Traffic. NOTE: Stay away from the Enhanced tire traction mod, if you use it make sure you show it in the credits. PC Only


Car stunts


The flip- single and double flips are easily accomplished by letting go of X and moving the left analog stick in the direction of the rotation. The only way to get triple and even quadruple flips is by hitting a bump shortly after the ramp that will cause you to spin. Another way to do a flip is by hitting a bump straight on with a banshee in hydraulics. the Banshee does this the best. This will send the car flying getting quadruple digit rotation.


The corkscrew- again corkscrews are easily obtained by letting go of X and moving the left analog in the direction of rotation you want. Single corkscrews are very simple, doubles are a bit harder, but are possible. Triple and higher corkscrews would require you to hit a building with an entire side of the vehicle. Hard but possible.


Spins- the best way to do a spin is with the Banshee using hydraulics. instead of hitting a bump straight on to get a flip hit it at an angle to get a spin. Another way is by hitting the back or front side of the car against an object which would cause the car to rotate.


Grinds- Grinds with cars absolutely require you to have full driving skill. To grind you need to find an area where you can high center your vehicle. This could be the high way divider, a hand rail, or a fence( use a packer to fall on top of it). to get high centered on your target get some speed, and e-brake so the car turns sideways. On higher fences you can grind much faster by tilting the vehicle back so it make about a 45 degree angle. This will slide the car down the rail much faster.


Taxi Hydraulics- These are best used on the highway and are very fun to do. speed down the highway going into traffic. When you see a car getting close to you push the L3 button. as the taxi rises in the air you will hit the car and start to flip. By doing this double flips can be accomplished.


Packer stunts

Gaps- for gaps find something you want to cross, line up to the packer and reverse until you get a good distance away to hit the packer right (this is the only way to consistently avoid the uprights of the packer).


Car packer to Bumps- again you need to have a straight run up in the packer by reversing from the packer. find a bump that is just higher then the packer. i reccomend raising the Hydraulics for this. These will give you some nice flipage if one end of the car hit the bump.


Bike stunts


Spins- To get a good spin you need to find an object to hit with the back or front of the bike. You need to be in the air so you need to bump or ramp off of something.


Bumps- There are many kinds of bumps each bump will bump you differently and will require a different degree of lean back.


Roofs- hit a bump with the proper angle of wheelie and launch your self on top of a roof. The more speed the higher the bump, the higher you go on the bump the higher the roof you can land on. The higher the roof the more impressive the stunt.


Billboards- Same concept as roofing but with a complicated landing.


Curb Bumps, or the "Pole Vault"- I call this the pole vault because it appears you hit the back point of the bike against a curb launching you into the air. While you don't go very high you do get high enough to land on a fence and grind it. Just wheelie back on the bike all the way back. You have to time it right so that the sparks fly right when you pole vault into the air.


PV bumps, find a fence or other object that is parallel to curb, and runs perpendicular to the run up. polevault off the curb, and bump off the fence. if done right yu should be able to get on small buildings.


PV Grinds- just bump into the air and land on a rail and grind it down.


Grinds- To do a regular grind find a rail about waist high. Go into the rail, wheelie up and get high centered on the rail. Then just ride it down.


Air to Wheelie- to do this get some air, and while you land push the gas, pull back on the left analog stick, then release the gas. You will now be wheeling.


Air to Stoppie- to do this get some air, while still going up in the air pull back on the left analog stick. Then while you are coming down to land push up on the stick and hold break. Both tires should touch the ground, but the break and your momentum will cause you to stoppie.


Packer stunts- anything that involves the packer. The packer offers many different ways to stunt and are very interesting to watch.


Packer to bumps- find a ledge, ramp, or roof that is just taller then the packer. Get some speed, and then hit the packer then the bump. Most of the time you'll bump about 50 feet into the air. To bump into the 90's you'll have to hit both wheels on the bump one after the other. This will launch you on top of small skyscrapers! This is hard to do, the only person that has mastered it is Buzzsaw.


Packer to grind- find a fence that about the height of the packer. Make sure and keep this in mind. The more speed the cooler it looks but the harder the stunt gets because you tend to fall of the rail more. position the packer at an angle from the fence. When you are speeding up to the packer start turning while on the packer. This will start turning your bike as you get closer to the rail keep turning to get the bike perpendicular to the rail.


Packer to tree bump just like any other p2b only it's often times more challenging and instead of using a wall/fence/whatever you use a short tree. most of these trees are only solid up to the top of the trunk, which is the part you will bump when doing a p2tb. certain trees have a few solid branches at the top of the trunk which can throw you into a spin, so be warned. the p2tb technique makes many more roof jumps available. (By



Create a Bump- the back portion of the packer can go through objects. knowing this put that end of the ramp through a barrier or something else low to the ground. By doing so you can create a bump that wasn't there before. Example. Put the back end of the packer through the highway barriers in SF, you now have a bump.


Ground Grabs- are very simple but cool to watch, position the bike near a roof, push the bike off the roof. As you are doing this push triangle, and you will be on the bike.


UPDATE: Get some air, and land so that the back section is flush with the ground. When you fall off the bike you will kind of smear along the pavement and the bike will tumble end over end. By this time you should be punching triangle like a madman. As the bike is still moving you will grab the bike and get on. (Discovered by Juan_Salad)


Car BumpsBasic concept wheelie back and hit a car going down the freeway. You will either fall off, fly back, or do a decent spin from 360-720 degree spin. Use an FCR or PCJ trust me it works a lot better. Make sure and have traffic on the freeways.


Boat stunts- Boat stunts offer variety and are cool to watch.


Corkscrews- go head on into a wall at an angle and slam into it. This will spin the boat.


Flips- In order to flip you must get air and then hit a solid object like a bridge on the back end to flip.


Roofs- Hit the shoreline and hope you stop on a roof.


Crazy Spins- To do a crazy spin you need to enter the water with the nose going straight down. Best spot to do this is the Sherman dam. Go straight into the dam, as you go up along the side the boat will spin. As you descend you will enter the water (make sure you are accelerating) and the boat will fly into the air spinning. As far as I can tell its a totally random happening that can occur on any attempt. (Discovered by LAD)


Be creative


BMX stunts- variety


Spins- hold down X and L1 while going parallel to a wall. Let go of L1 while going into the wall. This will spin you. Use the super bunny hop trick to go higher. Press circle as you release L1.



Airplane stunts- also add variety and are cool to watch.


Go under bridges- go under low bridges and gaps unscathed


Be creative


Cheats and Tips




PS2 cheat


Wanted Level never increases- Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, Triangle, Up. Don't want to get busted while stunting. Also for stunts that involve Area 69 and the Naval base.


No Hunger- Square, L2, R1, Triangle, Up, Square, L2, up, X. Don't want to see your hunger bar flash on the screen, it looks bad.


Maximum Vehicles Skills- Square, L2, X, R1, L2(2), Left, R1, Right, L1(3). If you are too lazy to max your stats.


Reduced Traffic- X, Down, Up, R2, Down, Triangle, L1, triangle, Left. Very helpful, you don't want to hit a car or ped as you are trying to stunt.


Gangs Only- L2, Up, R1(2), Left, R1(2), R2, Right, Down


All Cars Have Nitrous- Left, Triangle, r1, L1, Up, Square, Triangle, Down, Circle, L2, L1(2). Is your car out of Nitro? Put this code in.


Health/ Armor- R1. R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up. You have to be alive! Enter this in a vehicle and the vehicle health is back to 100%.


Maximum Muscle- Triangle, Up(2), Left, Right, Square, Circle, Down. Too Lazy to Max out Muscle? Here you go.


Sports Car traffic- Up, L1, R1, Up, Right, Up, X, L2, X, L1. Need a fast car to stunt with?


Taxis Upgraded- Up, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Square, R2, Right. Too Lazy to get 50 deliveries?


Speed Up Time- Circle(2), L1, Square, L1, Square(3), L1, L2, X. Hate the night time?


Sunny Weather- R2, X, L1(2), L2(3), Triangle. The Best weather to stunt in.


Midnight- square, L1, R1, Right, X, U(p, L1, Left(2) after you put this code in, die and it will always be 12:00. This combined with sunny weather gives you the best conditions to stunt in.


PC cheats


NATURALTALENT = Max All Vehicle Skill Stats


GHOSTTOWN = Reduced Traffic


SPEEDFREAK = All Cars Have Nitro


BIFBUZZ = Gangs Control the Streets


BUFFMEUP = Max Muscle


HESOYAM = Health, Armor, $250k


ASNAEB = Clear Wanted Level


AFZLLQLL = Sunny Weather


GUSNHDE = Traffic is Fast Cars


AEDUWNV = Never Get Hungry


VKYPQCF = Taxis Have Nitrous, L3 Bunny Hop


JUMPJET = Spawn Hydra


ROCKETMAN = Have Jetpack


Xbox cheats


Wanted Level Never Increases- B, Right, B, Right, Left, X, Y, Up


Maximum Muscle- Y, Up(2), left, Right, X, B, Left


No Hunger- X, White, R, Y, Up, X, White, Up, A


Maximum Vehicle Skills- X, White, A, R, White(2), Left, R, Right, L(3)


Taxi's have Nitro and Hydros- Up, Left(2), Down, B, X, L(2), White, R, Black


Sports Car Traffic- Up, L, R, Up, Right, Up, A, White, A, L


All Cars have Nitrous- Left, Y, R, L, Up, X, Y, Down, B, White, L(2)


Spawn Jetpack- Left, Right, L, White, R, Black, Up, Down, Left, Right


Gangs Only- White, Up, R(2), Black, Right, Down


Cloudy Weather, Black, A, L(2), White(3), Y


Reduced Traffic- A, Down, Up, Black, Down, Y, L, Y, left


Tips that haven't already been mentioned


If your vehicle rolls over and you are in a super car, then rock the car back and forth with the analog stick and the car will flip back over. Then You can continue stunting without having to reload.


Join gtastunting.com to learn from the best


To keep the NRG on the packer drive the NRG on the ramp, get into the packer and push the right analog stick up. This raises the ramp and keeps the bike on alot better.

Note; Dont put the bike on the bottom level it will get stuck.


When doing packer stunts make sure and get back in the packer after 5-6 attempts. The packer will disappear if you dont.


If you put the midnight cheat in, and then die it will always be 12:00.


To get a nitro shot right after one has been used just get out of the car and then get back in.


Need to find a vehicle? use this http://www.gtasanandreas.net/sam/


How to get the glitched NRG. Easiest way is to spawn a whole bunch of NRGs with a cheat device. After a while one will spawn with out and engine, Exhaust, or windscreen. The hard way is to find one that the game spawns.


If you put in the gangs only cheat, and the reduced traffic cheat there will be no cars and pedestrians instead of a few cars and no pedestrians if the traffic cheat was used by itself.


Conclusion- SA stunting is still in its infancy, more will be added to the guide as new stuff is discovered. All of these stunts take repetition and patience. It will take time but you to will be able to learn how to stunt. Most importantly be creative. Use these tips to do combinations of stunts.


view some stunt examples Link


Really good stunt videos to learn from



Overload by Gotups lots of car flips, simple bike grinds, simple bike spins.


Turismo stunting by Gotups very simple car stunts, good for people who dont know anything about stunting.


Gasoline by Buzzsaw show how to do a variety of simple stunts.


Wreckless by Neo Many simple roofs




In GTA We Trust by Numdmind overall a good video to learn from


Adrenalator by Buzzsaw shows of the use of Hydraulics, also some good roof bumps and grinds.


Case Closed by Neo More complicated roofs


Adrenalized by Buzzsaw a wide variety of good all around stunts


cj's stunt compilation by Juan good overall stunts, also some boat stunts.




SA Smackdown by Kaneda and Darkness Great vid, Definately the best PC stunt vid.


Killing Time by Buzzsaw and Juan A showcase of amazing packer to bumps.


Here to Stay by Gotups, Juan, Buzzsaw, and DeathCobra Featuring Nitzkit, this video shows how far stunting has come in the PS2.


Domination by Gotups, Juan, Numdmind, and Legoman First crew vid of SA, really good car stuntsand a variety of bike stunts.


Gasoline 2 by Buzzsaw spectacular bike stunts by a p2b whore


Adrenalend by Buzzsaw The best bike stunts, also a firetruck backflip.

maybe You Could Put The z-350 In I Put 10x Nitrous

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Sorry if that mentioned before, but how do guys on motorbikes do backflips, and control them in air, change direktion of flying?

can u give me a link to this mod


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Cardinal Ninja

Man, that guide helped a lot but now....all I have to do is...

-enters cheats frantically- rahkstar2.gif

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Cardinal Ninja
sad.gif plss tell me how to become superman in gta sanandreas

It's a mod. I think they have it at gtagarage.com.


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  • 3 months later...
i need help iam in verdent meadows and iam trying to like drive in circles in the abondon airplanes but i keep bailing

How's this related to the guide? Is your problem mission-related? If yes, please feel free to make your own topic about the same in either SA Gameplay or SA Mission Help.


You'll Never Walk Alone

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hello! thanks for the guide!


I just have one question, at the Easter Basin in San Fierro where the cars are exported, there is a NRG 500 and a place to make stuns, when I take this bike a challenge to pass all the points starts, but at the moment I've been unable to complete the whole points, has somebody completed this challenge? and if that is the case what happens next? thanks a lot, bye

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