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[REQ]Puzzle Game


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I am looking for anyone who is willing to help me. I would like a puzzle game, where you put pieces together to make a picture of tweety.

It is for a good friend of mine, who birthday has been recently as I told her I would try to make (or at least try and get one made) as she likes puzzles and she really likes Tweety.


Anyone willing to help me?

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There would be a few people here willing to lend a hand. I suggest you supply the proposed picture though, and possibly cut into the appropriate sections.

That would make it easier for someone to say yes.


Good Luck smile.gif

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I actually made a request in the GFX section. Now I feel like a request whore. blush.gif

Here is a link to the thread. There is a few that you can choose from, with I suggest the one made by Luke2004 as the one to use, as it's probably easier to use and manipulate into the "slot" of where the piece would go.




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I don't know flash at all, I'll do a quick look through some VB documentation to see if it'd be a fairly easy game.


You do know that I would put MADE BY KNIGHTMARE AND NOT CHALKSTER1288 on it though, right? Kinda sounds like you want to pass this off as your own to her....in Mianus.

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I have already told her that I'm going to get people off the net to make it. It's just a bit too far out of my league at the moment.
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Programming isn't that hard - I'm in the middle of making a text editor, and I started programming in February. It just takes a little time to learn and then weeks/months to program - depending on what you're making.
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