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Some Background Information

Recommended Posts


I was just thinking the other day, "Jeez, I have argued passionately with and against these people on huge topics about the world and such and I don't know anything about them."


With the exception of a very few, this is pretty accurate. I was thinking maybe we should tell a bit about ourselves. It could promote a less...malicious attitude when heated debates arise, and I'm interested in knowing about such masters of intellect wink.gif



A bit about myself, I'm freshly turned 17 (contrary to popular opinion). I live outside of Philadelphia and attend school in center city Philadelphia. I go to St. Joe's Prep, an all male preparatory school. I'm a junior and I plan to go to college in some east coast city - preferably NYC.


I've been wandering around GTAF going on three years now and have found a sort of home here in D&D. I rarely post anywhere else (as I've noticed with a few of you), and I quite enjoy it here. The debates are lively, the people are smart (for the most part wink.gif ), and it's always fun to learn a bit about the big topics.


Oh, I was also led-by here for about a year.





Allllright, that's enough about me. How about you?

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Hmm. Ok. Why not?


I'm 23, have a degree in Psychology from the Australian National University in Canberra, which is also where I live (the city, not the uni). I just finished a Certificate 4 in Assessment and Workplace Training, because I want to teach digital art at tertiary colleges (it's more fun and pays better then being a psychologist.)


I come here regularly simply because it's one of the best debate forums I've seen, with a good cross-section of people posting, and it's fairly well moderated, mostly due to posters having common sense about debate etiquette. Also there's a decent range of topics being discussed at any time. So yeah. That's why I post here.


Hmm, what else about me... without going into my dark and messed up past?


I play electric guitar, and have done so for about 7 years. I can't read music though; I'm self-taught. I do a fvck load of reading: all sorts of material, from fantasy novels (Feist, Jordan, Hobbs, etc), to scientific research papers (physics and psychology mainly) and philosophical musings. My favourite topics of discussion are gender, religion, existence, human nature, fallibility of human experience, and society. I only wear black, unless I'm dressing to impress, when I wear a dark blue shirt (the only non-black item of clothing I own). I am not a fvcking goth; I just like the colour. I have long (half-way down my back) platinum blonde hair that fades to copper at the ends. Hmm. I like music. All sorts, but none of the gay sh*t. Black metal is my genre of choice, in particular, bands like Anorexia Nervosa, Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child, and Cradle of Filth rate very highly. But I also greatly enjoy bands like Tool, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails (though his new album, With Teeth, is a bag of ass up until track 11), Opeth, Olen K, Todesbonden, Aphex Twin, DevilDriver, Eminem, D12, Deftones, Kittie, Evanessence, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Sigur Ros, etc (and about 50 other bands in my massive CD collection). Any music I don't like is, by definition, sh!t. I think Futurama is a mad cartoon, same as South Park. Oh, and last year I designed a Pen & Paper RPG based on the Kill Bill movies (which were awesome), called Scarlet Wake (it's in my signature). Right now I'm involved in making a MMORPG that will kick nine shades of sh!t out of every other game ever released. It should be finished in about, oh, 5 years (it's HUGE).


I think that's enough for now.

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I think everyone knows more than enough about me already! biggrin.gif


(Not a very D&D post but it's true.)


(EDIT) Oh, here's my passport photo:

user posted image

large image

Edited by Cerbera

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ok. i'm 15 (well, almost) and a freshman in HS. i go to Chainade in long island, it's possible the best HS on the east oast. GO FLYERS!


my fav. game is SanAn, but i rarely play it anymore.

my guitar is me one true passion, now and forever. you can see a pic of it in my sig. another thing i do is play baseball. i catch. i'm terrible, but whatever.


i also am a movie fanatic, mostly horror, and have never been scared by a movie, few can claim that.


in the future, i suppose i'd like to get a degree in engineering, or a similar field. my dream is to be rich and powerful. i'm a shallow bastard.


i suppose i look forward to hearing from all of you. smile.gif


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Red Hat Girl

Well, I'm kind of new here, maybe a couple months.


I love GTA games, and I love good political discussions, so when I learned there was a forum that combined both I was ecstatic.


Mortukai said:



I come here regularly simply because it's one of the best debate forums I've seen, with a good cross-section of people posting, and it's fairly well moderated, mostly due to posters having common sense about debate etiquette. Also there's a decent range of topics being discussed at any time. So yeah. That's why I post here.


And I agree with him. I've looked at a lot of places and I value this one a lot. There was even a post about revolution in the country that started way before I got here, and there's another one about different governments, what would be the best form of government. I think people here are very lofty, and I don't see much in the way of snide or dismissing posts, and almost all the topics are interesting.


I'm a revolutionary communist, and most of my posts reflect that ideology.


I'm really into History and Nature, Astronomy, and learning as much as possible about the whole planet and the way people live.


More personally my other interests include reading, writing and drawing. I'm really into comics; currently I'm into Ninja Turtles, Static Shock, and Black Panther. I like Transformers and also post on a debate site around that. I enjoy cooking.


I'm all about the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.


Growing up agnostic (and now atheist) I had never read the bible, but seeing how it is increasingly becoming a big issue in this country I started looking into it and now its a hobby of mine to collect fun atheist links that demonstrate how taking the bible literally is messed up. Maybe I'll share some of those with you all.


My favorite artist is Jacob Lawrence, followed closely by those from the Renaissance period.

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Bump... weeeee, all the way to the top. smile.gif



A chance to talk about myself - great!


I'm 20, live in the UK. My hometown is London, but I'm currently in my 2nd year at Nottingham University, studying for a degree in European Politics - which is naturally, my main interest. In this field I focus studies on military development & strategy and foreign intervention, although I'm forced to study a variety of other crap by the school.


My 3rd and final year will focus on intelligence studies, international trauma, bio-risk, third world development, the EU and transatlantic security. I'm debating doing a Masters, but don't know if I can stomach another year of academia. confused.gif


My career options are very much 'in the air' at the moment.


I'm very liberal in my views, and side with the Lib Dems (a UK party) on the vast majority of issues. Amongst other things I'm fiercly pro-European and support the 'Make Poverty History' campaign, and am considering heading to Scotland for the G8 summit later this summer.


Other interest include field hockey (played for about 10 years now), of which I'm a captain at my uni, and listening to calming music to keep down my suppressed rage. *roar*. wink.gif

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just another thug

I do not post here to often, as I should start doing.


My username is lame, I know this. I registered here a few years back. I was 13 maybe when I registered. Now I'm 16 and everything. I'm not in D&D as much as I should be. You all seem intelligent and have valid points and arguments. Maybe I will start stopping in more often.

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Good call, Evis.


I'm a 16-year-old high school student in Missoula, Montana, USA--a proud bastion of liberalism in a very "red" state. Just recently I became very interested in politics and the world around me, an interest that stood in stark contrast to my previous infatuations with...um...pop music and cars. I joined the debate team this year, though I do try to stay in the mainstream with my dress and attitude. I find that alienating others by trying to look "revolutionary" is not exactly conducive to swaying popular opinion. Other than that, I'm an aspiring novelist or journalist (can't decide, egads), I play soccer a lot, and I live in a pretty mountainous part of the state, so I like to camp and hike and stuff.


After high school I plan on heading east for college, possibly to New York or the New England area. Not Ivy League, mind you, but a small liberal arts school in or around such cities as Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, or NYC.


Maybe I'll see you there, Evis.

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My name is Andrew. I really have no qualifications of any sort. I do an average amount of reading on different topics but to say the least, I'm just very average, period. I live in a small town in Ohio, USA. The local populus is filled with many people who remain here their entire lives and are very poor and stupid (it may sound blunt but it's the truth). To give you an idea, 50% of my school is either 'economically disadvantaged' or they have a learning disability.


My political ideas are mostly from my parents who are exact opposites on the political spectrum. My mom, a liberal, and my father, a conservative, have had conuntless agruments on what is right and what is wrong. For most of my life I either took one side or the other. Now, I've made the choice to remain moderate and pick and choose my beliefs.


I am very interested in history, and in most cases am willing to listen to just about anything having to do with it. My favorite time period to, learn about, is the 1940s and 1950s.


I think I'm pretty open minded when it comes to religion (unless I'm feeling insulted). I'm a Christian but as I'm getting older I want to read into other beliefs and standpoints.

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My name is David, as some of you might know.


I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is currently studying at college.


I am planing to study computing at the University of Copenhagen.


As many of you know, I am very left wing, and my opinions are mostly drawn from that. I am personaly much against monopoly ( such as Microsoft mad.gif ), that's why I cannot at any level agree with capitalism, but since it is all around us, I have to live under these conditions.


I know a large part of history, and politics, though you might think I am a Soviet support, well, no. Soviet gave communism a bad rumour, that's why I can't see why all those people had to die and so on.


In my spare time, I program both applications and web design/developerment. I used to be a gamer, but very little for now, so you can hardly call me a gamer.

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How do you do, the name is Brian.

I live in a sh*t hole known as Clarksville TN, USA. I only plan on living here for a few more years, till I'm done with school and make enough money to move that is.


I'm 18 years old as of the eight of May, and I just finished highschool today. I'm going to ITT Tech (the only half way decent school around) for Game Design in September.


I'm big into art, I love to go to art museums and galleries. I'm also an artist, sucky one yes but I'm learning. I enjoy music of all kinds, if it sounds good then I'll listen to it and I'll give anything a listen at least once.


I know a bit of programing languages and web languages. I have a bit of experience with C/C++, VB/VB.net, ASP/ASP.net, and of course HTML. I'm not an expert in any of them, I just have a decent basis in some of them.


I enjoy debating on things, expesially religion (I'm an atheist), its always fun to argue with some one over something.

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I think everyone knows more than enough about me already


Dammit... just when I think I'll have the chance to learn more about one of the coolest guys in D&D, he pulls this trick.


Come on Cerbera... don't be shy. smile.gif




I guess I should write something about myself, now that I'm posting here. Since I'm a lightweight who's only recently started posting, I'll make it brief.


I'm a recent graduate of the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto in Canada. I like learning about science (physics in particular), economics, and history, although to be honest there are many fields of knowledge that fascinate me. I also love the cut and thrust of debating, although my biggest problem is that I get too wordy.


I *try* to follow the Irish proverb "use soft words and hard arguments."


smile.gif So much for being brief. Oh well.

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