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SA online/other gtas online


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i havent been current with this subject, but do GTA 3 and Vice City have online capability (do to modding)?

if so how well do they play, and if they are im assuming san andreas will be online?

just wondering because thats the only reason id buy it, just imagine that vast land of Cj VS Cj. races, cops, gangs, dogfights and everything inbetween... oh man im getting antsy just thinking about it.

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ooo good idea sorry about that...i shoulda checked around..mods please move this...sorry

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That's entirely correct, it shouldn't be in this forum. But to answer your question anyway:


GTA: San Andreas has planned multiplayer mods to be made by a group called SA-MP and MTA.

GTA: Vice City multiplayer has been modded by the MTA Team, and GTA Tournament, other mods in development include GTA:Connection and GTA Sync'd, and a few others, though these haven't yet been released.

GTA3 multiplayer was modded by MTA and GGM.


I've missed a few off, there's a lot of different projects on the go, SA-MP currently looks very promising from their tests carried out under Vice City. MTA has too many bugs in my personal opinion, and you need a calender not just a clock to measure the lag. There is no official multiplayer for GTA3 or Vice City, and I believe Rockstar said no official multiplayer will be present in San Andreas PC.


Multiplayer for GTA3, VC or SA as a mod on XBox or PS2 would be quite impossible.

adam broke it.

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Correct, There will be no multiplayer


Unless you some how make a LAN Party


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thanks smithers, good info. yeah my bad about posting this in the wrong forum. wont do it again tounge2.gif

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