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Screenshot program

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I have bought a Hauppage PCI tv card. And my aim is to take screenshots like Rockstar games have taken screenshots on GTA: San Andreas.


But the highest quality I get is this:


user posted image


And Rockstars pictures are like this:


user posted image


Have anyone tips about a program I can use to take screenshots like Rockstar games?











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The pics that Rockstar released were "touched-up", you will never get that good graphics in the game. They do this to make more hype and to impress gamers. (lol, at least I think).

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and the screenshots taken by Rockstar were propably coming from the pc/xbox version

and not from the ps2 version..and yes, propably touched up in photoshop before throwing them online


not bad quality you got though on your screenshots, you can always post them in this topic:


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Yea, They use beta versions and good quialty pics to screw you outta your money...

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You can tell that that's beta because of the map. Look at the save icon. It's not a real screenshot. It's a publicity screenshot. Sorry. ARmax takes pretty good shots, but you have to take it with the in-game camera which kinda sucks. But what you have is good, too.

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The screenshots that Rockstar take are most probably renders of some sort running on a PC where they can get any camera angle possible to make the game look better. It's something that is done with almost every game these days, its called marketing.

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Actually, your screenshots look pretty good. I have the same capture card, but with a lousy graphics card my screenshots look pretty bad sometimes. I use XnView a lot to sharpen my photos. Here's how it can help your screenshot.



user posted image



user posted image

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Yea i heard sumwer that they touch up they befor release screenies so it looks better and they get mo $

It very stingy. If u want u could spend ages on photoshop tryin 2 get ur screenies that good smile.gif

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I don't think it's got anything to do with Rockstar "touching up" the pictures. You couldn't do anything with the screenshots in the opening post to make them look as good as the Rockstar pics.


If you go over to the Vice City or GTAIII forums on this website, you'll notice that the screenshots from PC versions of the games are always perfectly crisp and clear, just like the Rockstar screen above, and they haven't been touched up at all.


Rockstar wouldn't have plugged a PS2 into a PC to get screengrabs, they were probably taken directly from one of their workstations that they used in developing the game. That way you can get a perfect digital copy of the screen, instead of getting an image from the analog output of the PS2, which is designed for a relatively low-res TV, not a high-res computer monitor.




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