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GTA:VC Can't install after uninstall

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I had GTA:VC running on my machine a while ago, but uninstalled it to make some space on my harddrive. Now I want to play GTA:VC again, but I can't install it.


I do the cd in the cd drive, I wait until the setup pops up (autorun) and than it happens. Instead of installing the game, it asks me this: "Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of it components?". But the game is not on my system! I clicked yes and is says its finished but when I try to install it again I get the same message again (tried it like 100 times). When I click on "no" the installation stops. I tried to explore the cd and click on install manually but it doesn't change anything.


Does anyone has a solution for this? Maybe I need to install the game manually but how?


I look forward to an answer.








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Go through the control pannel options to uninstall the game. If it says it's already uninstalled, try to remove it from the 'Installed Programs list'. Now insert the CD and try again.
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Its not in the installed application list sad.gif

I also tried using registry cleaners to remove the key but couldnt find it.

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Does it's install location still exist?


Default = C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\


If so, delete that folder.


Also, delete the user files, located in My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\

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The game folder is removed and the user files, located in My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\ I just removed too but still no succes sad.gif

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*opens the trash bin*


Anyone know what to do before I break down the CD and trow all the sh*t out of the window?


I paid for this game and I cannot get it installed, that sucks >:(

I'm not going to completely format my harddrive.


I spend 5 f*cking hours to get it installed!

I'm realy starting to get pissed off...

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Simply deleting the VC program Files dosent mean its off your system (deleting C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\)


Will not remove VC from your computer, Windows Still thinks its installed

in order to fix this problem, you have to make windows think it isnt installed

when Vice City is installed, a registry entery is added to the Windows registry that Vice City is installed, then it installs everything else


since all you have done is delete the program files the registy is still there, and thats where the installer looks, in the registy, to see if Vice City is already installed


in order to do this, you must delete the registry for Vice CIty, when you do that, Windows will no longer think VC is installed

however, the following procuded is dangerous, if you delete the wrong thing, you can seriously f*ck your computer up.......

so be cautioned, be sure you know what your deleteing before you do


1. go to start, Run, and type in "regedit"


2. regedit is the registry editor, on the left side.. there should be folders, one should be named "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", open it,


3. next look for another folder inside "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" called "Software", open that


4. find another folder inside "Software" called "Rockstar games"


5. inside "Rockstar games", there should be a "Vice City" folder,


6. highlight the Vice City folder, and delete it


(Note: i am currently not on a computer that has Vice City installed, so im not 100% sure that all folders inside the registry editor are correct, if you cant find a "Rockstar games" or "Vice city" folder, dont do anything, just exit regedit, ill be sure to confrim the folder names later on today, or someone else can who has vice city installed)

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I have GTA3 installed currently too.


HKEY_LOCAK_MACHINE/Software/Rockstar Games/GTAIII does exist, but theres no vicy city folder in there.


(I know that there's a registery key that let the install application think it's installed, but thats the problem: I searched for the key everywere but cant find it.)

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Cartoon Corpse

mine has been perma installed on my pc since i got it. one of only 2 games.


yeah i believe your problem (from previous threads about this) is your registry entry.

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  • 7 years later...

I have to re-open this thread on purpose.


I have the same problem as the guy who started this one here.

Have uninstalled GTA VC some time ago, now can't install it again.

Registry cleaned, but in the windows control panel > software it's still in there, just with a white and blank logo. Can't delete it from there.


Then I set the Windows Installer mode to automatically.

Also deleted the registry entry manually, but doesn't work either... at this time I am completely out of ideas. I always thought I'm not bad when it comes to such things.


I always start the CD, or start the setup.exe manually, but nothing happens.


Anyone with a good one over here?


Win Vista x32 with latest updates

Q8200 @ 4x2.33Ghz


HD4580 @ 512MB VRAM


(if it helps)

Edited by Viper-Mitch
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So, the game still is present as installed on the PC at the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel? Hmm, then I might recommend this guide. It'll show you how to manually remove an item from the Currently installed programs list in the Add or Remove Programs tool if the item is still displayed after you initially try to remove it. After you've done try a fresh installation.


Hope this helps. icon14.gif

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The idea from the MS support sounds like it actually works...

...but I cannot find GTA VC in there. I have to admit that I can't find all the programs which are currently installed, just some of them. GTA VC seems to be one of them.


Very sad, nice workout that link, but can't figure the key in the registry out.


But thanks anyway!

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