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I believe I found another Bulletproof/Fireproof car in the mission House Party. This I think isn't officialy listed yet in gamefaq.com so I think it's a new find. This is the Vodoo that sweet would be taking cover in during the gunfight with the Ballas. It's the same qualities as the two Tahomas of the Ballas, but unlike them, the method in obtaining it and retain its special qualities may vary. Unlike the two Tahomas, you cannot just kill Sweet and push it to the garage. Doing so would make it an ordinary car. What I discovered so far how to obtain it Bulletproof/Fireproof was this:

Once the shooting starts when the Ballas attack CJ's place, blow up all the cars around the area either with the blow up all cars code or simply toss some grenades on them.This would eventually kill sweet and fail the mission, push the wreckage of the Voodoo to the Ganton garage, when it regenerates it is Bulletproof/Fireproof.


Just some observations though: If you kill sweet later, or if he stays away from the car before you blow it up, it'd be almost immovable even if it's destroyed already. Same case if you store another vehicle in the Ganton garage to be used in pushing the Voodoo. For example, if you try parking a damage proof car( the Tampa for example ) near where the shooting is going on, then destroy all the cars and kill sweet, the burnt Vodoo is somewhat almost stuck on the ground. You cannot seem to just blow up the Voodoo and kill sweet, as this would make it turn out just a normal car.


One thing annoying though, a lot of times the burnt car would just vanish into thin air when you're about to push it inside the garage, specially if you won't do it quickly. That's why using a Rhino is what I found to be effective so far.


Once I tried to just "push" it, using my dual sawed off shotguns but maybe it took me too long to do so and the car turned out normal. But when I spawned a Rhino and push it quickly to the garage, that's when I obtained it BFP.

I can confirm this as I shot at the car til my ammunitions ran out, used it in a gang war, blew up a neighborhood gas station til the place is burning and drove the voodoo there and bottomline is, IT IS BFP. Please take note that there seem to be two Voodoos there. One is the car sweet and homies would would be using as cover at the start of the mission, and the other one is when another wave of atteck would come from behind you, this is after shooting down those Ballas on the bridge. When I blew up the voodoo at the start of the mission and didn't kill sweet and reached that third wave stage, there were two voodoos that were there: the burnt one, and the new one. But this new one seems to be just an ordinary, I remeber shooting at it and it caught fire quite quickly. I'll try to confirm this further.


I hope the Special vehicles hunters out there would take note of this and try for themselves a better method in obtaining it, either with or without cheat.


If there's anyone with a better method, preferably without cheating, please share with us. I'll post later hopefully for additinal developments.



good luck



Edited by srg

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Good find srg. Look at System Error's guide. If it is not there, contact him.

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Good find srg. Look at System Error's guide. If it is not there, contact him.

Yup, systemerror's list of special vehicles is well placed in my head. And as far as his latest update is concerned which is April 20, this isn't included yet. What's his mail btw? is it sabulletproo(f*ckOFFSPAMBOTS)[email protected]? I've just emailed him and hopefully he receives my mail.


Will be trying other methods later how to obtain it, hopefully the others who would be interested in this exercise would share too whatever they can come up with.




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Nice find m8 i'll try it out later i'll have to start a new game and get to that mission sad.gif .

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good luck. hope you find an easier method to get it. kind of strange why they didn't make it as easy as the tahomas in obtaining it. will be trying again tonight.

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