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Bin Laden denied he was guilty for 9/11

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Actually... i said he messed it up cuz it was sloppy dozingoff.gif Not it was done without a hitch


And, Yeah your right

I have no faith in the British government at all, I live in Lisburn of Northern Ireland, Which is just off of Belfast


We still have terrorism in NI, We have the

UDA - Ulster Defence Assoication

UFF - Ulster Freedom Fighters

LVF - Loyalist Volunteer Force

UVF - Ulster Volunteer Force

UYM - Ulsters Young Miltia

IRA - Irish Republic Army

IRB - Irish Republic Brotherhood (Surrendered)


All fighting each other in the streets... Since 1974 when the Trouble broke out

user posted image


That was in 1974... An IRA gunman With an AK47 firing at police and British Army

A good friend of me was shot in the back in 1993, Who would of knew he be shot at his age


Of course now, I am full on Loyalist...

But thats another story, Thats just the British Government not Helping Northern Ireland destroy Paramilaterys

Edited by MissileDefender
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dr zoidberg


We still have terrorism in NI, We have the


IRA - Irish Republic Army

IRB - Irish Republic Brotherhood (Surrendered)



They have nothing to do with the Republic of Ireland's defence forces. Hopefully this was a typo. I'm sick of people thinking they represent Ireland. They do not. They're a f*ckin terrorist gang, they only care about their own criminal empire.

Oh and just so you know the IRB was the old name for the IRA, they didn't surrender (sorry to burst your little propoganda bubble).


OK now to get back on topic. I have to agree with Mortukai, the towers were built to the highest of standards in 1972 and while the engineers design considered the risk of a slow-moving 707 hitting, they as all engineers try to do designed it to be much stronger. The WTC collapse does bear all the hallmarks of demolition charges. What is hard to understand in particular is that the two planes hit each tower at much different angles yet both collapsed in the exact same way. One plane was straight-in whereas the other hit the corner of the building - surely this should have led to the tower falling over rather than straight down At least the two should have fallen down in different ways. That's assuming of course that temperatures were high enough to sufficiently warp the steel and cause the collapse, which it seems there is little evidence for. And let's not forget that the buildings were designed with fire protection too, so generating the temperatures needed would be extremely difficult. Offices are full of fire retardent materials, much more so than a typical house would be. So there are a number of holes in the government story. It's hard to know what to think.


Regarding the removal of evidence by the government immediately after the incident occured - when the Oklahoma building collapsed the same thing was observed. This could be seen as either the official government policy or evidence of something more sinister.

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No the IRA just think its acceptable to go in Northern Ireland, And blow up part of Omagh.

Because your from the South, Id expect something like that from you dozingoff.gif


And uh... I didnt mean the IRA are the officail army... Theyre Paramilaterys...

Anyway, That was completly off topic

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here is an article from the newest Hustler magazine.


Its an interview with David Ray Griffin author of "

The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions by David Ray Griffin"

Its a very good read.







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