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I can't progress

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In the mission in Los Venturas where Madd Dogg jumps off the roof and you have to get a truck to save him I cant complete it. As soon as the mission starts the freakin dude jumps and its mission over. Can anyone please give me some input on this frustrating glitch in the game.

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"Topic for other problem causing glitches".



Peds Riot Glitch

Problem: You cannot pass certain missions. Something abnormal occurs, and you end up failing. The most common issue is with the "Madd Dogg" mission. This also causes other problems.


Cause: You have used the "Peds Riot" cheat and saved.


Explanation: The "cannot be disabled" bit of the Peds Riot code is misleading. It really means "cannot be fully disabled." What this means is that even though the rioting is turned off in most places, it will still continue on with certain peds and certain interiors. Sometimes, you will find that you cannot complete a mission because of this, because one of the NPCs goes berserk. Examples include Madd Dogg jumping to his death right away on the "Madd Dogg" mission, and Catalina shooting the RS Haul owner on the "Tanker Commander" mission.


Solution #1: Do some random crap. Try doing some Taxi missions, some gambling, try many things. And try again. If it doesn't work, keep trying. This is the method you'll want to use if you are too far into the game to restart.


Solution #2: Start all over again, this time, without using the 'Peds Riot' cheat. Only use this solution if you are early on in the game or as a last resort.


Workaround: If you used peds riot on the street races to win easily, try this. Instead of using the 'Peds Riot' cheat, use the 'Peds hate you' cheat instead. It DOES get fully disabled, despite what they say. This is speaking from personal experience.



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