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Ideal Ways to Easy Cash

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Here are some easy and quick ways to get cash. Some are more efficient and easier than others. This guide is for new players that have only started the game.


-Cheat. If you don't mind cheating (and being unable to get 100%), enter this cheat that gives you full health, armor, and $250,000:



-Steal from the strippers. Head over to the Pig Peg in East Los Santos and position yourself in front of the stripper on the main stage. You'll know you're in the right spot when you gain $100 every 10 seconds or so. But be careful not to get too close to the stripper, or the guards will start shooting you.


-Don't pay the prostitutes. This one's pretty obvious. Once you pick up a prostitute off the street and do your thing, wait until she exits the car. Kill her and take the money.


-Don't pay for weapons! Screw Ammunition! You can find weapons and ammo easily by exploring San Andreas. It's time consuming, but it can be fun as well, and can save you hundreds of dollars.


-Kill the drug dealers. They drop at least $2,000 everytime.


-Run over peds. Instead of shooting them and attracting the boys in blue, simply run them over a few times and gather their loot. It avoids confrontation with the police, and saves you ammo.


-Do the odd-jobs. Vigilante missions, ambulance missions, pizza boy missions, and firetruck missions. These all give you cash rewards. The higher the level you reach, the higher the prize.


-Do the missions! This is the most obvious one of them all. Most missions offer a cash reward, while others don't.


-Kill the prostitutes. If you already have full health/armor and you don't need the lovin', simply skip ahead and kill them off the streets. Saves time, effort, and the risk of getting AIDs.


-Perform Insane Stunt bonuses. They can be as simple as performing stoppies and wheelies on BMX bikes, to as tricky as flying off Mount Chiliad with an NRG-500. Whatever your taste is, Insane Stunt Challenges are for you.


-Be an idle bastard. If you're at the point of the game where you get a money icon that ascends all the time in-game, then here's a little trick for you. Instead of running around, waiting for the money to come and losing muscle, fat, and energy, simply walk into CJ's house and play the console game in the living room. You can leave it on the main menu of the console game and walk away from your PS2 for a while, and your money racks up continuously, without having the risk of losing all your fat.


I will be coming up with more methods, so keep checking back.

Edited by themasterpiece

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This will probably prevent people from making the same topic over and over again.

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This will probably prevent people from making the same topic over and over again.

Ya think so huh?

None of the previous topics stopped you from making this one.

And those topics have better ways to make cash in them.

Like saving at catalina's house and going into town to bet on the horses.

Save if you win, reload if you lose, easy way to x12 your cash.


Meh, at least read those topics and add all the stuff you missed before this gets locked, then maybe it won't be totally worthless.

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