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Fixing Rendering Problems in IE5/6

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In IE6 the header fails to be shown. If you wiggle the mouse over the navigation links parts of the header show up. If you wiggle the mouse over the "packages" link near the end of the main body text they footer jumps up to meet the main content.


In IE5 the medium grey container behaves very oddly, but the other errors don't seem to occur.



Any ideas about a workaround to this? It is so bloody strange that I just havn't a clue what is going wrong and how it can be fixed. I think it must be something to do with margins, padding and some sort of cascading error in the box model bug but figuring out exactly what part of the markup or CSS is causing it and then devising a suitable work-around is quite another matter.


Hilfe bitte!

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Sure your page is valid XHTML strict 1.0.


But, you have an error in your CSS:




But anyways, who cares about IE? People just needs to learn what is the best.

The majority of internet users use IE5/6 and they aren't going to change browser overnight. Bear in mind that decisions about which browser to use on PCs are made by people without much computer knowledge and they will simply ignore the good advice of those who do know. Parents will not want to learn a new browser even though their kids can explain the benefits, schools won't switch from IE even at the request of their IT staff, libraries won't make the change because it means they would have to spend all their time explaining to OAPs why the browser they use is slightly different to the one they had last week, etc, etc.


You cannot expect everyone to change their programs overnight. You have to cater for all. Additionally, the World Wide Web is a device-independant network and so web authors MUST make their sites as accessible as possible to all user agents. That means dealing with bugs in browsers just as much as providing alternatives to browsers which don't support those features at all.



I removed the padding attribute but it has not made any difference in IE6. I only have IE5 on my old machine but I doubt this change has fixed it on that, either. Has any got any other ideas?

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I have now fixed the rendering errors and changed the sidebar so it uses list-based navigation elements with display: block anchor elements. I am now very happy with the site structurally and although the visual side is very plain, there are some functional presentation devices such as the active navigation section being highlighted and emboldened and made non-clickable. It's pretty bare bones at the moment but I intend to develop a set of colourised CSS files for it to display in the "packages" section perhaps.


The site also needs a name which doesn't have the acronym "BMW" and which would create an acronym consisting of telephone-friendly letters. My initials are BTM, none of which transfer over the telephone well. Urgh.


(EDIT) Since the subject of this topic has been addressed and there are no more rendering errors, I won't use it any more.

Edited by Cerbera

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