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Things to Do After 100%

Recommended Posts


Killing sprees

you' ll never get tired of that


Pimping rides

You can either get a sultan and go to arch angles modding and then get a paint job like the rally cars and spoilers as well looks sick


Racing people


Shoot at a car and then race on the highway


play scilent scope

and try to shoot peoples heads off


Have a job


Dress up as a pimp, rally driver motorx rider , bike rider stunt artist ect too many


Free flight

When your on the back of the pick up truck (walton) do the cars fly cheat shoot it then it flys up in the air free taxi


car shooting

get a pick up truck or some thing and then shoot off it while the drivers driving


Go up mount chillid Start down the bottom of the mountain and then get a sand king or a monster truck then get 5 stars and then try to get up the top with out any cheats and it can get hard when trucks start coming when your up top of the hill jump off the direction to angel pine and then park at the angel pine hospital and you won


2 player needed


Have sword fights and fight to death

have gun fights

Play army and lots cops have to be around

One person go on top of a hydra and when they fall off the plane goes down with them and it is very fun when the plane lands on top of player two



2 not needed


act nomally



Be a ninja and kill people steath



only kill a certain type of person


Fly hydras around trees and try to get throuht them in one piece






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Enough killings! That's bad dontgetit.gif Just do the races endlessly til you get bored and fall asleep. Or play another game smile.gif or better yet, if you're really in a gansta mood, harass the law enforcers no end. Use your everything proofed car and get 6 stars.

Edited by srg

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- Enable Skiller's Heaven Bullet cheat.

- Shoot people with bullets.


Bar Brawl

- Be a big fat slob

- Have no brass knuckles and muscle

- Kill people inside with fists



- Try to dress up like nemesis

- Select between a minigun, or a RPG

- Kill cops and say "S. T. A. R. S."



- Enable codes:

- Six Stars

- Peds Hate You

- Peds Have Weapons

- Aggresive Traffic

- Green Traffic Lights

- Start at Bayside Marina and make your way back to Ganton!

Edited by ogglock

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