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GoDaddy.com domains for $5.19 USD


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At the request of a few people, I decided I would write a little guide telling you all how to save about $4.00 off domain purchases over at GoDaddy.com (a well known and well respected domain registrar).


Do note that only the following extensions are valid to save this money on:

  • .com (most popular extension, originally for commercial websites)
  • .net (second most popular ext., used mainly by "networks")
  • .org (third most popular ext. usually used by non-profit organizations)
  • .info (used for informational sites, this is starting to become a popular ext.)
  • .us (for United States residents only)
  • .biz (commonly used by businesses - still hasn't really "taken off" though)
Sorry Canadians (.ca) and other country-code extensions. sad.gif


You can use this discount to:

  • Register new domains (providing the extension is listed above) for one year.
  • Save on one-year domain renewals.
  • Save on any domain transfer (from one registrar to Godaddy, or from GoDaddy to another registrar).
Important Notes

Please note that the guide below is only for information regarding new domain registration, I thought that if you want to save the $3.99 on the renewel or transfer, chances are you could figure it out by yourself (it's virtually the same steps as below) if you're familiar with GoDaddy as well as domains:


*Do note that I greyed out all the areas that you really don't have to be concerned about.

**Also notice that I will be lining this out in the cheapest possible way to get a domain, so I will skip over things like "private domain registration" which would obviously raise the cost.

***All prices are USD. To convert USD to your currency, click here.

****Note that the domain "MeWantsADomain.com" was used for demonstrational purposes only in the screenshots.

***** Notice that some domain extensions are for people in certain countries only! Such as: in order to own a .Us domain - you have to live in the United States, and in order to own a .Ca domain - you have to live in Canada. Please take note of this when buying domains.




The Guide

Step 1:

Put the domain name that you want to buy (considering it is available) in the field below:

user posted image



Step 2:

Chances are if the domain is available, you will get a page like the image below:

user posted image


If the domain you want is available, it will show up in the "This domain name IS AVAILABLE:" table. Assuming the domain is available, click the orange "Continue" button.



Step 3:

You may get a page like this (see image below). Click "No thanks. Proceed to cart." and proceed to the next page.

user posted image



Step 4:

If you are a new user to GoDaddy (which most of you reading this guide might be) chose the "create a new account" option. For the rest of you who are already users, just login to your old account in order to stay more organized. You will be on a page like this:

user posted image


Always make sure the information is real and accurate! It is an unlawful violation to put in untrue information for a domain. ICANN (the group basically responcible for managing all the domains as well as the domain regulations) will legally prosecute anyone found putting untrue information for their domain registry.



Step 5:

You should be at a page like this, make sure the information in the radio buttons fits your site's description accurately. After selecting, press the orange "continue" button.

user posted image



Step 6:

Now you should be at a page that looks similar to the screenshot below (minus the red boxes and the text I put on the top left).

user posted image


As you can see, I put a red rectangle around certain items. For those items with the red rectangles, make sure you have the exact same values selected as I do! If you do not, it may either

A) effect your elligability to get the discount or

B) Boost the price up.



Step 7:

Now you will be at a longass page that wants you to buy a bunch of things.

Do not buy or check any additional items on that page except for the one below ("Traffic Facts")!


user posted image

Put a check on "Traffic Facts" and only that one!


The only item you should have checked on the WHOLE ENTIRE PAGE is the "Add Traffic Facts Just $1.95/month!" one. That is all! In case you're wondering why you have to buy "Traffic Facts" skip down to the FAQ.


After selecting "Traffic Facts", skip to the bottom of the page and press the orange "Continue" button.



Step 8:

You will now be at the checkout page.

Your "cart" should look something like this:

user posted image


Once on that page, do the following:

  • Make sure the info is right and it is the domain you want.
  • Make sure the total says "$6.19" for now (unless of course before you got to the cart page you added additional cart items that I did not specify, then your total may be more).
  • Check the "I have read the Domain Registration License Agreement" considering you agree to it.
  • In the "If you have a promo or source code enter it here:" field, enter in "USA6" and click Apply (see below), this will give you an extra dollar off (see below)!
user posted image

and click Apply


Now your cart page will look like this (assuming you have not bought anything I haven't told you to):

user posted image



Step 9:

Select your payment type and pay for the domain.

Now you will have the domain (do note it can take up to 24 hours for them to put the domain in your account, however; usually it is instant). If the domain hasn't appeared in your account after 24 hours, consult GoDaddy support.


Now, the next step in "Step 9" is VERY IMPORTANT!

In order to receive the discount, you had to buy a non-domain product (the cheapest one was "Traffic Facts" so that is why I had you chose that one). Traffic facts will be billed monthly to you unless you cancel your monthly subscription to it!

So, in order to cancel your subscription to Traffic Facts (which you don't need after your domain purchase) follow the following steps:

  • Login to GoDaddy if you already are not.
  • Click "Customer Info & More" on top. Then select "Credit Card & Payment Info" from that dropdown menu. (screenshot)
  • Click the text link "View All Renewing Items" (which is under the "Payment Information" bar going across - screenshot)
  • Find and check "Traffic Facts" and click the "Cancel" button on top (screenshot)
Remember if you do not cancel your subscription to "Traffic Facts" as posted above, you will be charged on a recurring basis for $1.95 each month. As long as you followed in my instructions in Step 9, you have nothing to fear about "Traffic Facts".




The FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: How much do domains cost regularily, how much will I be saving?

A: Domains (using GoDaddy) cost $8.95 regularily (for most "popular" extensions). Do note that ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) - the people who manage the domain industry; charge GoDaddy an additional 25 cents for each registration/renewel/etc.

So technically the price is $9.20, not $8.95.

Using my guide you can lower the price from a regular $9.20 to a low $5.19 - that's over four dollars!


Q: How old do I have to be to buy a domain?

A: I know this question will come up with all the youngsters around here. There are no age limits to owning a domain.

However, if you buy a domain with the CO.NZ, ORG.NZ, or NET.NZ extension - you must be 18 years of age or older.

As long as you have your own method of payment (your own credit card, PayPal account, etc) or you have permission from the person whose you are using - there are no age restrictions whatsoever.


Q: Why did I have to buy "Traffic Facts"?

A: In order to save on and receive a discount on the domain(s) you buy from GoDaddy, you have to buy a "non-domain product" (which is what "Traffic Facts" fits under). By buying "Traffic Facts", you qualify for the discount and therefor the domain price goes from $8.95 to $3.99, then they add "Traffic Facts" to the cost (which is an additional $1.95) but the domain remains cheaper than it normally would be. Plus if you throw in the promo code, you eventually only end up paying $5.19.

Don't forget the second half of Step 9 - remember to cancel your subscription to "Traffic Facts" so you don't get billed for it the next month!


Q: Will GoDaddy bill me more than $5.19?

A: Not if you properly follow my guide they sure won't. wink.gif


Q: How many domains/renewals/transfers can I use this "discount" on?

A: You can use this guide on as many domains as you want. If you only want to purchase 1 domain, then you'll spend $5.19 doing so. If you want to buy 2 domains, you'll spend $10.38 doing so. Keep in mind there is no limit to how many domains you do this to! That's what I like about GoDaddy - other registars might offer something like this but only offer the discount to say, "the first 5 domains you buy". With GoDaddy, there is no quanity limit! Buy as many damned $5.19 domains are you want! tounge.gif


Q: Do I have to live in America to get this discount?

A: Of course not, GoDaddy lets you use their services as long as you remain legal and true and that the payment information you supply them with is accurate. I however cannot say if they would let someone from Japan use a Japanese credit card for example, GoDaddy is an American-based company. So as far as the payment aspects, I am not openly positive on that. Check with GoDaddy first.




Et Cetera

I am not affiliated with GoDaddy, this is only a guide in order to save a few dollars from the regular domain cost. Sharing this information is not violating GoDaddy's TOS.

You may not reproduce this guide in any way, shape, or form without my direct permission.

I reserve the right to personally publish this, my own document, elsewhere physically or electronically.

Also note that GoDaddy's offers/discounts/prices are subject to change. As well are promo codes. I will keep this up-to-date as much as possible!


If you have any additional questions about domains, GoDaddy, or this guide - ask me!

I would honestly be glad to help you out. cool.gif

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Excellent. Didn't take you long to write the guide tounge.gif


Since Dal is a meany, i'll let him update the Mega Topic.

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Very nice guide Barb, well done. So now if I ever end up buying my own domains, I'll be sure to refer to this once more. Great stuff. Added to the Mega Topic. wink.gif
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Ooh, nice.


One of my friends just got a job at godaddy.com tother day as a sales rep person, so I may be using this soon.

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Pfft, I pay $0.0025 for .com domains.


And I only pay $4 dollars a month for 400MB.


I don't see all the fush.

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Pfft, I pay $0.0025 for .com domains.


And I only pay $4 dollars a month for 400MB.


I don't see all the fush.

You pay less than a dollar for a .com domain? How? If they are gonna charge so little, they might as well just give them away free and then ad-support them or something, because they're aren't gonna make any money selling them for $0.0025. Also, where do you get your hosting?

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And I only pay $4 dollars a month for 400MB.


Pfft, i pay $4.95 a month for 2GB of space tounge.gif


Very nice post Barb, nice to see you putting so much effort in to helping people out!

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Pfft, I pay $0.0025 for .com domains.


And I only pay $4 dollars a month for 400MB.


I don't see all the fush.

haha, liar.



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  • 1 month later...

cool.gif Hey I really appreciate this guide as it saved me a few bucks. GoDaddy has always been my favorite registrar for the fact they are so cheap. Now you've got a cool trick for the time being while they are running the promotion for $3.99 domains with purchase of any non-domain product. I've got to send a few emails out to some friends before this trick expires.


Traffic Facts might actually be something I'd try out on one of my sites just for the wiz' of it, but it turns out that you need to have a site hosted on GoDaddy's servers for it to work. The glitch really is that you can sign up for TFacts without a hosting account at the same time. Awesome, some web developer or shopping cart provider will be getting a phone call pretty soon about this one I'd bet. I feel sympathetic for that poor guy or gal, but ... only a little. tounge.gif


One thing I wanted to let you know about as I was using it just now to renew a domain, is that there is a completely SEPARATE trick that you can use in conjunction with this one. In step three of your instructions, you show how GoDaddy will show other offers including a chance to pick up three variants (.net, .info, .biz) of the same domain for only $15. I went through the checkout process as you described here and just for the heck of it thought I'd test it out by adding these. Well, the promotion discounts each of the variants down a few bucks to make them nearly half price ($7 for .net, only $3 for .info, $5 for .biz). You still have the ICANN fee of course.


Well, I had these three in my cart but I didn't really want all three. So I first deleted .biz and assumed the discounted rate for the .net and .info would go away. However, the cheaper rate still applied! I'm not running a business of my own yet on a .biz and I see no point in the .info (tempted for $3.25... hmm) and so I kept the .net version of my .us domain on the order and .... combined with your guide I saved QUITE A BIT.


I thought of this idea when I first saw the promotion, but I thought there was no way it was going to work, and didn't think to add Traffic Facts without a hosting account first. Thank you very very very much.


PS: I don't play GTA right now, too busy. But I did a Google-search on "GoDaddy promo codes" and this page came up on first page of results. Nice!

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The only reason a company ever advertises/does deals is because it's failing, why buy from a failing company? confused.gif


They are doing this to attempt to monopolise, then when their competition has gone, ie in 3 years MAX time, the domains will shoot up.


Hence the reason my paying my usual $10 per domain. Always paid that, always had em, always been with a reliable company.



I don't trust GoDaddy, and I never will.

user posted image







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ah, I just bought a 3 letter .net domain for $5.19. It's all good. biggrin.gif

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3 letter or 3 character?

Could make a difference in all the value. tounge.gif


Thanks for the comments everyone.


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3 character sad.gif


I'm not bothered really, I just wanted something short. tounge.gif


Anyway, I thought you'd all like to know you can extend the number of years. (Paying $5.19/year).


If you did this and selected 2 (or more) years you pay full price for the second year (and any subsequent years).


However, if you register it for a year. Paying $5.19 and then go to RENEW doing the same thing (choosing traffic facts again, and using the promotion code) you can pay $5.19 for another year. It appears you can keep doing this too.


If you intend to keep your domain for multiple years it'll be worth doing this. They probably won't be running the $3.99 promotion when it's time to renew so you'd have to pay full price.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Yes, you can pay the $5.19 for the renewel as well. Which is kinda nice too. wink.gif


Thanks for letting us know about paying the full price on any years after. I think it's best to register them for a year each time. This promotion thing has been going on since like March and every month after that they say "It's going to end on this date: _____" and as soon as it ends, they restart the $3.99 promotion as something else.

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Bravo! Just registered today, Im glad it is cheaper. So far my host has not given me any problems and that was realy cheap also. Cheap website= Great smile.gif

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It worked for you, Mindless?


I've been hearing from different people that the whole $5.19 thing is official over now (I just heard this a few minutes ago). The cheapest you can supposedly get a domain right now is for $7.20 using the promo code: "buy1" (which takes $2.00 off).


GoDaddy released this statement:

Products must be new to the customer (not currently owned) to qualify. One 1 yr $3.99* .com, .us, .biz, .info, .net, or .org domain per each qualifying product; new, transfer or renewal. Traffic Facts, recurring billing charges and existing product and domain renewals do not qualify as product purchases. Only qualifying domain names included in qualifying purchases are subject to discount.


* Plus ICANN fee of 25 cents per domain name year. Certain TLD's only.


So they caught on with the rest of us, and have taken off traffic facts. sad.gif


I'll see if I can find any other way to get domains at GoDaddy cheaper. But for now it's $7.20 using only one promo code at the end, promo code: "buy1".


Sorry to be the bringer of bad news guys. confused.gif

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The code buy1 doesn't work for me.


But $7.20 is not the cheapest by any means.


Follow your guide and select dedicated ip hosting instead. It's $2.95 but it'll bring the total up to $6.19. Not as good as $5.19 but not bad at all.

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I suppose it's bad that the $5.19 offer has ended i suppose $6.19 is still good though £3.50 rounded up. Still the cheapest i've seen the other best i saw was £5.99. Around $11 i think.

user posted image
user posted image
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Andolini Mafia Family


16/08/2008 - Current

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I'm looking to build a site, does godaddy give me any free hosting? how much am I looking to pay to have some hosting. dont need too much i think

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