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method.man 2

something funny

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method.man 2

well fist off im back on the forums from a long break so hello all

now when ive done something really bad my dad punishs me by taking my fuses out of my main plug which powers all my electronics so i cant do anything.

well a couple of days ago my mum and dad were both at work so i took my ps2 downstairs and set it up and started to play san andreas, when for no reason at all my dads sub(surround sound),which is as loud if not louder than a cinema(15 speakers in one room)turned on wilst i was having a gang war an it made me jump like hell.

so neway i carries on playin when i noticed the bullets sounded really strange like one would come out really loud whereas the other would comeout silent so i used a gatling gun and it sounded like it was playing a tune so i then tried satchels well this had me in tears of laughter the explosin kindof sounded like a fart cause it was all wierd i cant explain how it sounded but it was really funny

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I think the reason that it sounds funny because you had it on Pro logic ll.

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Yea LOL. Sounds hell funny. I gotta try that biggrin.gif

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With my surround sound its funny with helicopters from the back speakers they sound like underwater farts lol.gif .

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I turned on Dobly pro Logic II and it makes every thing sound really funny. lol.gif

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