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I think R* is...... ok first in my opinion R* is the best video game developers in the industry. i loved al the midnight clubs and all the gta's and almost every game they hae made but im getting fristrated by this wait without even a small tidbit of info such as a release date or ONE LOUSY SCREENSHOT!!!!! sorry freaked out i think R* need to get a grip the are puting us in such a state of suspence that they need to build it up with small amounts of info in a pregresion. as follows


1.Game title

2.Main character/time date

3. one or two screenshots

4.estimated release date

5.internet trailer

6.more screenshots

7.official art

8. more screenshots

9 nothing more until the realease


Because if they go in that orderthe suspence will get built up until people are ready to explode then you will get more people to buy cuz they want t try it out for them slefes

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I just want title, ETA, and one screenshot*. After that, I don't care if they release no more info untill it hits shelves.


* Not just art. A real screenshot that is a product of many thousands of vertecies and texture pixels defined by the game data transformed and shaded by PSP's rendering pipe.

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I think we need to know about the game. What if rahkstar2.gif isnt even making a game for while. We arent sure of anything about the game yet.

Come on some more people need to answer this smile.gif .

Edited by MckMan31
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