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What does this look like to you?


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This is not a topic to show a fake screen shot of gta but there is in some way a likeness of gta

I was just snooping around and I found this,The psp by the way looks awsome.


user posted image

You decide

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I have been thinking about that screenshot as well.

Besides GTA, I have no idea what game it could be.

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isn't it a superimposed image of the free running game for the ps2? I am sure this was discussed before on here, perhaps it was soemwhere else.


but it resembles GTA a bit in the city.

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That's not GTA PSP. IT was already discussed here somehwere. But I can't find it. They said it was some Reebok or ADIDAS game. I dunno. I don't remember. I'll Try and find the topic again.
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  • 2 weeks later...
Yes its a game called free running [based on that programm on channel 4 "jump britain"]and that is a psp with a different case on it . dontgetit.gif
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I hope that you are going to control claude (I don't like cj so much)

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what wow.gif it sure looks like it alot with the infernus, the claude looking guy, the nature and the buildings

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...... @yostone:its not gta!!!!!!!!!! ..........

Yostone is talking about the fake screenshot not the piccy in the first post

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