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Any suggestions?


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For my Business Management class we have to set up and run a small "business" for during school hours. We are accessed on the organisation of the business and other stuff like that, market research, analysis etc.


A friend and I are thinking of getting people to allow us to take photo's of them, using his 5 megapixel camera, and put it in photoshop and blend it in with an abtract or grunge or similar style background. Other background should be cool too.


I was just asking if anyone has any suggestions for advertisng, as this will most likely be able to be done over a few weeks, so we need to advertise in order to be able to make much profit. We don't have any real costs, as we have basically all the equipment we need, except floppy disks, to those who wish to pay an addition charge to purchase a disk with the image/s on that disk.


So...any suggestions?

Both for advertising and backgrounds etc. I would love to hear from some great gfx'ers.

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