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How much shall you now about GTA: San Andreas...

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How much shall you now about GTA: San Andreas (before you bye the game) that it spoils the game?

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| Well basicly if you know loads about the game such as secrets ways to complete missions etc its going to be boring, there won't be much to find and you won't find it a chalenge really. smile.gif |

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What if you now alot about the things you can do in the game?

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I knew basically everything you can do before I played the game, I just enjoyed the story and the gameplay, knowing what you can do probably makes it better as you anticipate when you can do it.

Don't use cheats/skip cutscenes and I'm sure you'll have a long enjoyable time playing San Andreas.

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How much you know ruining your enjoyment of the game, crap.

Would knowing everything about a Ferrari ruin the day you first ever got to drive it?

I will even give you multiple choice to make it easy.

A: Don't think so.

Theory and practice are two different things.

B: You could always stop reading what people post on the forums anyway.

Spoiler tags were only invented for weak minded cry babies, babies who do not even have enough grey matter to avert thier eyes from what has been typed in a post. These kind of creatures are more commonly known as SHEEP.


Choose your categorie.

Human with at least a minimum of very little intellegence upwards or just plain old farmyard animal.

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When GTA3 come out, i knew nothing about it. The whole game was a wicked surprise.


When i first put GTA3 on i was waiting it to switch to a birds eye view (like the others) but i couldn't belive how great it was to play GTA in 3d.


My point is, that i would rather know NO information about a new gta

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