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When Printing From Photop


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Does it matter what colour mode is used, on a document that is going to be printed? Does RGB work just as well as CMYK when I'm printing the document later?(FYI it's a full size, full colour project)Sorry about Photop...I'm tired, musta thought i was at the end of the word. Edited by boobtronic
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PS, anyone know how to...get my colour selector down?

user posted image


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What do you mean by color selector? The eye dropper?


CMYK is richer but the type of printer used will more likely effect the truth of the hue then anything. If its just a report for school or something don't worry about it.

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< Rule of thumb is (generally) CMYK = Print, RGB = Screen. If it's for something low quality, printing RGB will be fine. If it's high-end stuff, go CMYK. />


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