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[RELEASE] GTAForums FireFox Extension


Recommended Posts

The sparkle of renewed interest for this extension, made me extend it with a few missing BBcodes:

- Youtube BBcode

- Anchor BBcode

- Jumpto BBcode


Now all Gtaforum.com BBcodes should be present again.


Updated to be compatible with FireFox 3.5


The new version is 0.5.0, which can be installed here.

I've modified my server a bit, so that this should now be installed directly, so you can open the link in FireFox and it will be installed.

I also added Auto-Update functionality, so when there is a new version on my server available, you will be prompted to download it automatically in the future.So this will be the last time you have to install the new version manually smile.gif

Edited by PatrickW
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With "anchor" and "jumpto" you can create links within a post.


For example if you have a big tutorial with several sections in it. You can create an "anchor" on the section headings, and in the top of the post, you can then create links to these headings with a "jumpto" BB-code.

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Just thought I would say thanks. I downloaded it not knowing if I would be using it or not, and I found out I had no idea how to align a signature to the right, but it was nice and simple with your tool. So thanks!

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...you're awesome. Thanks! I don't even know what anchor does!

That's what I made the BBCode tutorial. Helpful. icon14.gif




Nice work Patrick.

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  • 4 weeks later...
Is there any other cool GTAForums related add ons for Firefox 3?

Nope, this is the only one and by far, the only one that you'll ever need!

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I proudly present a new version of the gtafcode Firefox extension.


This new version of gtafcode firefox extension has not been extended with respect to the BBcode support when writing a post, but it will now also provide context-sensitive background menu's while browsing gtaforums.com and gtagarage.com.



user posted image


Context menu

Depending on the content of the page your looking at the background menu will provide you with "gtaforums.com links","category menu", "forum menu", "topic menu" and "member menu". e.g. if your looking at a profile it will get the "gtaforums.com links" and the "member menu", but while reading a topic the "gtaforums.com links", the "Forum menu" and the "Topic Menu" will be available.



Gtaforums.com links Category Menu Forum Menu Topic Menu Member Men
Board Index Search... Search... Search... Send PM
View New Posts Subscribe Subscribe View Posts from ...
Mark Board Read mark as Read Print/Download Add to contacts
My Controls Who Posted? Report this user
My Inbox Profile
My Last Posts Gtagarage Profile
Moderating team
Todays active topics
Todays top 10 posters
Link Menu

When right-clicking on a link, the menu however does does not depend upon what you're currently looking at, but upon the target of the link. (E.g. if you right-click on a link to a profile, you'll get the "Member menu").


Selection menu

If you've got a piece of text selected, right-clicking will show you the "Search Menu". Depending on your context, you'll get different options, like "Search as member", "Search Whole Board", "Search topics in Current Forum" and "Search Posts in Current Topic". If you're right-clicking on a forum or topic link, while a piece of text is seledted, you'll even get the option to search for the selected text in the target of the link you're clicking on. (e.g. "Search Topics in This Forum").


The description above might sound a bit complex, but if you work with it, it will feel very intuitive.


Note: For some skins it is not yet possible to determine the current forum, when reading a topic. So the "Forum Menu" will not show up in these skins (The Default skin should be fine, but the "conventional" skins, have this problem)




Users of the previous version will automatically be notified of this update.

Edited by PatrickW
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Version 0.4.2 released:

* Fix bug where some topic functions didn't always work.

* BBcode menu is now also available again outside gtaforums.com

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All of these download links come up with 404 fage not found sad.gif


Can you give me a working link for the latest version please?


Oh, and awsome idea man. I wish i noticed this sooner! icon14.gif


:EDIT:: Ah well. Its because I have version 3. Never the less its awsome. Nice work.

Edited by .Trooper.
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  • 1 month later...

Sorry for bump,but this is not compatible with the latest Firefox,ver 3.5...so if someone could fix this,that'd be great.

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An 3.5 compatibility upgrade will be released in the coming days.

Many thanks, Patrick. I wonder if I could pester you into making a moderator add-on. wink.gif Either that or I'll dive into the code myself and figure out how to do it. orly.gif


Also: Pinned.

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I really like the options when you right click an user/topic/forum/whatever. They are really great! Only problem: when I, for example, right-click Tech&PC Chat, click search, but press cancel, it still searches. And I think it searches for 'null'. I think you should fix that wink.gif. But all the links are really useful! The 'Copy BBCode' option when right-clicking a topic is also really great. I could say that for everything tounge.gif.

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@Andy: Thanks for the pin. When I know what is needed, I'll make a moderator-addon.


@Edmachine: The cancel-bug will be fixed in the next version, I just want to wait a couple of days to see if any other issue pops up.

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  • 1 month later...

Maybe a new feature could be that.. uhm, let's say I'm on the frontpage (forum index).


If you right click 'The Lounge', a 'Forum: The Lounge' pop up will show, and if you hold your mouse on it, not only will the "Search" and stuff pop up, but also shortcuts to, for example, Gaming or Gen Chat. Would be a nice feature for the lazy happy.gif

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 months later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Great extension. Been using it for a few days now. Really handy to have a bunch of handy links accessible with a right click. Even the ones which already have a link at the top of the page or the side etc, as on larger pages it saves you the effort of scrolling all the way up the page again.


Very well made.

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