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[RELEASE] GTAForums FireFox Extension


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I made a firefox extension, based on the well-known BBcode firefox extension. It adds support for (almost) all message-tags to the background menu including the GTAforums specific ones.



user posted image


(Feb, 17 2011)Version 0.5.4 is Firefox 4.0.x compatible

(May, 25 2009)Version 0.4.2 topic item bugfix, and BBcode available outside gtaforums.com.

(May, 17 2009)Version 0.4.1 fixes a typo.

(May, 17 2009)Version 0.4.0 adds context sensitive menu's when browsing gtaforums.com.

(Mar, 31 2009)Version 0.3.4 adds some BBcodes and enables auto-update.

(Mar, 30 2009)Version 0.3.3 is Firefox 3.0.x compatible




• Install GTAFcode from HERE

• Restart firefox when prompted.

• You will automatically be notified of updates.


From now on you should see a gtaforum code menu entry in the background menu whenever you're in an editwindow.


How to use

Most of the entries should be self explaining, the only thing that might need some explanation is the support for the table/tableb tags.

You should just write the content of your table thereby separating horizontal cels with a '|' character, and separating the rows with a newline. To render a cell as a header, you should prefix is with a "*".

When your done typing, select the whole block and choose (bordered) table from the special submenu to convert it to proper tags.



more cels|and yet another|last one


wil result in:


cel1 cel2
more cels and yet another last one
If no text was selected when you issued the table command, you will be prompted for content (use '|' and '*' to separate fields and make headers) and you can stop by entering a empty row.


Context menu

Depending on the content of the page your looking at the background menu will provide you with "gtaforums.com links","category menu", "forum menu", "topic menu" and "member menu". e.g. if your looking at a profile it will get the "gtaforums.com links" and the "member menu", but while reading a topic the "gtaforums.com links", the "Forum menu" and the "Topic Menu" will be available.



Gtaforums.com links Category Menu Forum Menu Topic Menu Member Men
Board Index Search... Search... Search... Send PM
View New Posts Subscribe Subscribe View Posts from ...
Mark Board Read mark as Read Print/Download Add to contacts
My Controls Who Posted? Report this user
My Inbox Profile
My Last Posts Gtagarage Profile
Moderating team
Todays active topics
Todays top 10 posters
Link Menu

When right-clicking on a link, the menu however does does not depend upon what you're currently looking at, but upon the target of the link. (E.g. if you right-click on a link to a profile, you'll get the "Member menu").


Selection menu

If you've got a piece of text selected, right-clicking will show you the "Search Menu". Depending on your context, you'll get different options, like "Search as member", "Search Whole Board", "Search topics in Current Forum" and "Search Posts in Current Topic". If you're right-clicking on a forum or topic link, while a piece of text is seledted, you'll even get the option to search for the selected text in the target of the link you're clicking on. (e.g. "Search Topics in This Forum").

The description above might sound a bit complex, but if you work with it, it will feel very intuitive.



This extension (like any firefox extension) is written in RDF (Resource Description Framework), XUL (XML UserInterface Language) and Java-Script. The only tools that are needed are a plain text-editor (even notepad will do) and winzip.



Edited by PatrickW
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This looks really useful. I'll give it a try. smile.gif


EDIT: It IS useful. It's pretty cool actually.


user posted image



Edited by PresidentKiller


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You Kick Ass


boobtronic what does this do?



Woot|ok, am i missing something?
Edited by boobtronic
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test test test

Edit: I am so f*cking pinning this.

Edited by Tsuroki


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  • Now
  • this
  • is
  • bloody
  • useful
Fuzzy Juzzy thanks PatrickW


Well done man, this is very, very useful indeed.

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You are sexy..


Thanks Patrick.

Messiah To The Animals


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Now this is deserving of the 25 karma, or some twinklies. wink.gif

user posted image
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Patrick you are f*cking awesome. Best thing ever. Very well done and thank you! I just wish I could give you more karma without making you look like a whore. tounge.gif Cheers.
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Thanks for all the warm words everyone, now hand-over the bug-reports tounge.gif


@PresidentKiller: Thanks for the screeny

@Tsuroki: Thanks for the pin

@Dalpura: I don't mind standing out from the crowd sarcasm.gif

@Johno: feel free to implement the same functionality in opera (I won't since I'm very selfish, and don't use opera)

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Tornado Rex

I like it smile.gif


One suggestion (if possible). When you add a tag (such as code or quote, etc) is there any way to put the cursor in the middle of the start and end tags? Also, would it be possible (well, I know it's possible, more like would you be willing) to add a lil pop up box thing (like when you click the 'http://' etc buttons) for the quote tag to input who made the quote (the =name part of the opening quote tag).


Other than those 2 features I wouldn't mind. A+


P.S. I haven't found any bugs yet. Good job smile.gif

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Nice, nice.


Opera 8 was released but days ago... nudge, nudge.

I posted a solution to that awhile back.

Someone made a "BBCode" extension for 7.54 that was very simple to modify.

Let me dig it up and and I may be able to accomodate you. biggrin.gif



Ok, found it.

I will release the edited version later today.



Waste is testing this thing



I'm getting permission to release it now.

Edited by Waste
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Seems like your site is refusing me! sad.gif


You're evil.

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I can't get on there either, I know I've visited there before so there is most probably a problem with the site/bandwith etc.

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Thanks, testing:



Hi2u I love pie.
Are You a pie?
I hate you Stupid table.




Svip thinks...




  • Hi2u
  • I love pie
  • But this list is evil
  • Are you there?
  • How about enabling us to allow to set the type of the list?
  • Huh?
  • Like i, I, a and 1.
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You sir, are the man!


SWEETSAPRIK Tests this b!tch.



Me likey.


This makes things easier since it has
more tags than the other extensions.

This is the most useful extension evar!


  • I
  • will
  • use
  • this
  • more
  • than
  • any
  • extension
  • I've
  • downloaded.
Hey, I think I love you.




If I was female, I'd have your babies.


I can't think of anything else to say.


Seriously, good work man.


Screw pinned, this should be in the announcement section so every one sees it.

  • KEKW 1
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It seems that my site's been down for a few hours, but it should be working now again.



@tornado rex

•Thanx for mirroring.

•Cursor between the tags if nothing was selected sound like a good idea.... I'll see if I can get it there... it's not that trivial

•popup for the the quote-source is also a good idea



Hope you get it to work....


@Svip and GT-1

I did not refuse you for personal reasons. tounge.gif



Where can I find the BBcode syntax for the various list-types ?


@stefaan, Sweetsaprik




There are some more things I'm thinking about trying to implement.

• If make list is performed, with some lines of text selected, it will no longer popup the dialog windows, but it will convert the selected lines into a list.

• I would really like an option, that lets you select a local file, and automaticly uploads it to imageshack, and inserts the correct BBcode for a thumbnail into your document. I'm not yet sure if this is feasible...

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< Added links in the main post to Rex's mirror and my mirror. smile.gif />


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This owns.


One thing though, and keep in mind that I know nothing about programming and such, so I don't know how difficult this would be. I have your extension, BBCode 0.3.7, and BBCodeXtra 0.2.2, and the latter allows for pasting an image link, then selecting it and choosing img, instead of only pasting from the clipboard. And once I've accidentally pasted the link, it's quicker to use the other extension than it is to cut and then select clipboard > img.


The only reason I even bother to bring up something so trivial, is because if your extension had the option of doing it either of the two ways, I'd have no use for either of the others. As of now though, I'm keeping the BBCodeXtra just for when I forget and paste without thinking. Again it's no big deal, and it only takes a few seconds, but I type so slow that for me, even a second determines whether I'll post something useful of just repeat what's already been said.


Either way kudos, I've seen lots of people do things "for" the forums, but this is one of the few things I've seen that were for the forums exclusively. And this time I'll remember to vote the topic good.

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