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SWAT Ninja

Best Rampages

Recommended Posts

SWAT Ninja

NOTE: I realize that this topic should be pretty common, but after doing a search in the San Andreas forum for "best rampage," I found no matches. If I'm wrong about that the mods can feel free to lock the topic, no harm done.


Well, I'm new here so I figured it would be nice to start with a pleasant topic about killing everything that is unlucky enough to cross your path during a rampage.


Here's how it will work (Note: this does not need to be your BEST rampage, just a good one):


1. First inform as to whether or not you used cheats during the rampage.


2. List the weapons you used, where it took place or started from, and what car you used (optional.)


3. Now just tell the story.


Here's mine


No Cheats



Silenced 9mm

Combat Shotgun


Tear Gas


Loacation: San Fierro (Doherty)


Vehicle: Mountain Bike


I started out by grabbing my mountain bike out of my garage. I wasn't really planning on killing anything until a woman said I stunk. Naturally I pulled out my knife stealth killed her. A cop saw apparently, and started approaching me with his club. I pulled out my Silenced 9mm and shot him in the face. I had two stars so now more cops started showing up and shooting at me. So I threw about five cans of tear gas at them and started performing stealth kills while they stood there and coughed. I repeated this process until I had four stars. When the SWAT team showed up I jumped on my bike and got on the train tracks heading north.


Apparently a SWAT van had followed me onto the tracks. Stupidly enough I didn't even have to do anything to them; they ended up falling off the bridge.


When I was all the way over the bridge I bunny hopped onto the road underneath the bridge. As soon as I landed I was nailed by a SWAT van and sent maybe a hundred feet from my bike. Thankfully enough no one started shooting me while I was on the ground. I threw a bunch of tear gas, pulled out my combat shotgun and started making my way slowly towards my bike, killing cops the whole way.


By the time I got to the bike I had the FBI on me. This is about the point when I died. I was able to take out about four of their ranchers while on the bike with my SMG before I was run over. Before I got up I was shot to death.




I've had much better rampages, but I just always liked that one because of the tear gas and knife technique.

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Ha, nice. Sounds fun. I don't have any tear gas, so I didn't do anything like this. Anyway, I was in Didier Sachs and I started stealth killing everyone with my Combat knife. That started getting me pumped up to kill. The I went to binco in Ganton and thats where it started.



Cheats: None

Weapons: AK



Sniper Rifle




I killed many people and got two stars outside of Binco. I ran to Grove St., took my Super GT and S.W.A.T van (from End of the Line) and blocked the cul-de-sac from cops. I then took the back way out into Willowfield and recruited 8 Grove St. members with Tec-9s. I ran back to the Grove where cops were shooting away. I was dressed like Denzel Washington from Training Day and took out my Dual pistols. I shot away until I had four stars. Remarkably, none of my homies were dead. Suddenly, I blew up. I figured that since all my homies had tecs, that one of them hit the gas tank on my Super Gt. Damn Grove fools.


+ Respect


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I have done some stealth killing myself but after a while it gets a little monotonous when several other peds get nosy and check the body. Its easy pickins at that point.


Cheats: Infinite Health (To prolong the experience), weapon cheat 3 times only to refill the ammo.

Satchel Charges

Sniper Rifle


Loacation: Las Venturas (The Strip - in front of The Four Dragons Casino)


Vehicle: Police HPV 1000


It all started with a cop running me over with his car. I had a few satchel charges and unloaded them on the cop car. After he drove off towards a pretty congested intersection...BOOM. Headed to Ammunation and maxed out Satchel Charges and Sniper Rifle Ammo. The rampage went the length of the highway around Venturas (with an obvios detour at the air strip) and finally ended back at the Four Dragons when I finally got bored after about 1 1/2 hours. During the rampage I would inch my way up the highway and surround myself with satchel charges. I would then snipe the choppers (trying to only hit the part that attaches the propeller to the body to add to the challenge) then by the time I took out a few i would be surrounded by cops and fbi (some Army mixed in). I would then detonate the satchel charges.


Note: In case someone who reads this did not know, hitting the part of the chopper I was aiming for would take it down in 1 shot.

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Nice topic, like the detail being put into the posts.



Combat Shotgun



Parachute(You'll See...)


Location: Glen Park, Los Santos > Downtown, Los Santos.


It started off with me recruiting a few homies and going for a spin in my new modded voodoo. We were crusing around, bouncing to the sounds of D.R.E and next thing we know, a goup of ballas rolling pretty deep, start busting caps at my ride! f*ck this! So i jump out of the car and immediately one of my homies is shot. I pull out my Combat shotgun and start capping some Balla fools. Some start to run, pussies, so i instruct my two remaing homies to stay back. I run after the ballas and cap them with my MP5. By now ive got a two-star wanted level. As i walk back up the road to my homies i see a squad car come speeding round the corner and run them down! Aw hell no! Not to my grove boys! I naturally pull out an M4 and start capping some feds. All the rides are now charred corpses, i run on foot. I now have to fend off an overhead chopper and a soon arriving SWAT team. I manage to get to the tallest Los Santos building with only a slither of health left. The only escape now, by air! I climb to the top of the building and parachute to the nearest safety. I land, and get run down! Wasted.... rah.gif

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Yea heres mine.


No Cheats







LS, Downtown (BIG Building) --> LV, Caligulas


It was in the Riots and i was just mukin round. I just skydived off the BIG building. When i got to the ground i walked round for a bit then a hooker knifed me so i shot her and a cop saw so he chased me. Shot him and then drove of in my Savanna. I had 2 Stars and i went to Glen Park to shoot some cops and after a while i got 4 stars.

Sum helis came in and SWAT came in so i drive on2 the Mullholand Intersection and went up thru Red County. I did tons of drive-bys on ppl and cops and i got out and used my M4 2 get 5 Stars.

I got into LV and headed 2 Caligulas. Got there and killed every1 inside until i got 6 Stars. I then went up 2 the roof and jumped witout a parachute and landed wit 1 health (the jumping glitch). Then i ran and ran but i got ran over by a tank.

suicidal.gif Wasted suicidal.gif

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Colt 45.

Chromed Shotgun




Los Santos Police Department





Rampage Time:42minutes


The Rampage:"Doing Time"


After getting 'Busted' by the LSPD I decided it was payback time.

I ran into the police station and immediately remembered the Dildo

in shower room.I took it and ran up to a cop and knocked'em to the

ground.Then started smacking him in the face with it.When he was

dead I picked up his Colt 45. but did not switch to it to prevent

myself from earning more Wanted Level.Then I ran up stairs to the

Chromed Shotgun and began to go gangsta style.By gangsta style

I mean duck-walking,hiding behind objects,and rolling around to

prevent yourself from taking more damage.


I duck-walked behind a desk and rolled out and began firing at the

cops that were standing their.As I was killing them they were running

up the staircase to get me.I kept killing them until eventually they

stopped coming.Then I ran downstairs to where the criminals were

locked up and shot them one by one with my trusty Shotgun.Then

ran into the cell next to them and grabbed some armor.I rolled out

at the right time...Just as a cop ran down the stairs and I shot'em

in the face.About 8 of them came down and died in the same spot.

I duck-walked to the little empty room just down the hall of the

cells and hid behind the wall rolling in and out of the open to shoot

the cops.I eventually ran out of shells for my Shotgun.


With that being said I was on a mission...Find More Shells!I flipped

out my handgun and duck-walked up to where the feds had fallen.

I began to shoot while going down the hallway and the cops were

turning the corners and loosing their faces.While on my way to find

some more shells I thought I'd check out the front desk.I'd never

seen what was over there.I hid behind the counter on the side the

door was while they were firing at me.I rolled over into the doorway

and began to fire at them amazingly I took no damage.I was

disappointed to find nothing was there.So I started back to the

stairway.Poping heads was fun training inside the police station.


I finally made it to where the Chromed Shotgun was before and

unfortunately it wasn't there.So I hid behind the desk like earlier

and began shooting.Then at the top corner appeared the message

'HITMAN SKILL'.Instantly 2 Colts appeared in hand I began to kill

the cops as they were coming in.I went down to the locker room to

get a refill on some armor as I was obviously running low.Then I

decided with my new found ability of duel weapons it was time to

show the streets my power.I carefully killed everyone on my way

out the door.Unfortunately I didn't realize my 6 Wanted Level and

as soon as I walked out police were firing.Which was easy to fend

off.Then a tank began to roll down the street then it stopped and

2 Military Men jumped out with M4s this is were things got tricky.

I was forced to hide infront of the tank and fire at one of them.

He eventually died so I took his M4 and killed his friend.


I jumped into the tank and started on down the street.Then I went

on to the highway and the song "Highway To Hell" came to mind.So

anyways I was going pretty fast and I hit a car head on and flipped

over.Then this trick I remembered from doing when I first got SA

came into mind.I began to fire the cannon from within the flipped

tank and my tank started bouncing around.Then it flew straight up

into the air and then in the middle of the screen the word 'Wasted'

appeared.Later on I took my revenge on the Paramedics for bringing

me back to life.But thats another story for another time...

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yes I used cheats



regular shotgun



heat seeking RPG

satchel charges


bare fists

sniper rifle


location: Las Venturas Strip

OK, here's what happened...

I went to the top of Emerald Isle parking garage and stole the helicopter. I went to the top of the Stardust Casino and sniped about 5 people until I got a star. Then I took the helicopter back up into the air and jumped out of the chopper in midair. I pulled open the parachute then landed. I took my Desert Eagle and started shooting some peds on the strip. I expected the chopper to blow up when it hit the ground so it would make a "zombie from the blown up chopper" feeling. Amazingly, my chopper didn't blow up when it fell to the ground. I soon thought of another use for the chopper. Anyway, after I used my pistol to shoot some, then I took out my M4 and started to shoot some people. (gotta have variety) I eventually got a 2 star rating, then the cops responded in cars. When enough cops were around me trying to bring me down with their 9mms and enough of their LVPD cars were parked around the chopper, I put a satchel charge on the chopper and ran away. When I was far enough, I detonated it. Some 15 cars, 30 cops, and many pedestrians were terminated from the blast. I got a 4 star rating. then the police choppers came. I just spent so much time killing the cops and peds around me and shooting down the police choppers. I actually laughed at what the chopper pilots said, like "think youre still hard" and "suspect is about to be terminated", because i really felt hard, and they shouldn't be saying that because I had about 10 of their chopper buddy carcasses lined up around me. Eventually, i got 6 stars, then took the tanks out for a spin. I hit the Julius Twy and just crashed head on into all of the cars and made my way to Verdant Meadows. I then took my Hunter, in my garage, and went back to the strip and blew up so much s*it with the Hunter's firepower. Eventually a Hydra shot me down. It was kind of funny, because I kill so many, left many hunks of metal that used to be cars and choppers behind, and even shot down some Hydras with my gun. I bet that guy in the Hydra that shot me down got like 500 medals. The rampage took me about 45 minutes.

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Yes a few cheats blush.gif :


Slow down gameplay,

10X maxiumum jumping height

Weapon Cheat #3 (M4,Heat-Seaking Bazooka,Silenced Pistol,etc.)

Maxed out muscle


Location: All around SA (started at St. Maria Beach in LS)


Okay, I insterted all of those codes I stated above, and I jumped onto a four-story building, then I just started to kill everything that moved. After I destroyed about 5 police mavericks, I got bored and jumped off. Then, I stole a police car and drove toward the LS airport, doing drive-bys on the way. Then, I hopped in a plane, and insterted the speed up gameplay cheat, then I bailed out in mid-air over Area 69. Before I hit the ground, I pulled out my parachute and insterted slow down gameplay cheat. Then, I killed tons of police officers and army personal. I got bored there after I blew up a few more helicopters, and I went to CJ's airport. I grabbed the Hydra and started to blow jets out of the sky. Then, I got bored again, and I flew the jet into a building, but bailed out before it exploded. I landed in the SF airport and started to rip up more cops/army dudes. After I took a few bullets, I then grabbed a Dodo and flew over to the LV airport. I grabbed the huge 747-like plane, and flew around in circles. I just got super-bored and flew it into the ground, taking a few police cruisers and flatbeds with me devil.gif .


The whole thing lasted about an hour.


Those cheats made me feel like a god, and they were little pathetic flies annoying the hell out of me.



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Cheats: None



Weapons:Chain Gun & AK47


Location:Entire State



Vehicles: Freight Train



Rampage Time: Approx 30mins


The Rampage:"All aboard"


8:09am standing on the platform at SF train station.


8:15am Freight train arrives, LS bound (the one where you can jump on the back)


8:16am Jumped onto back of train and started shooting peds with the chain gun. Took out a few coppers and got a police car.


Train pulled away from train station, by this time i had 2 stars. as approached railraod crossing, took out the 2 police bikes and one car.


4 Stars. and the helicopters are inbound. by this time i am in the train tunnel on the back of the train. when i emerge into the country side i got two helicopter on there way.


I use thae chain gun to take them out...ouch 5 stars. Next stop LS (The underground station) when the train pulls up its full of police.


i take out the AK47 and shoot every police officier in sight. BINGO 6stars, the train starts to pull away............... come out of underground tunnel to the other LS station. am greated by the army. use the mini gun to deal with them.


Train sets off for LV. via East LS

at this point i am destroying everything in site with the chain gun. cars/peds/copters all GONE!


Went around SA about two times untill a cheaky copper spawned on the train and killed me !!!


Good days smile.gif


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Rain, that's a great one, ill have to try it.

Ill edit this post later.

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Location: In front of Wang Cars

Vehicles Used: Stallion (blown up, blocking the road in front of the Wang Cars parking lot), Sultan


Pre-Rampage Preparation: Parked the Sultan near the Pay N' Spray


I decide that standing on the elevated parking lot and using my chaingun to blow up the five or six cars that had gotten blocked by the burnt Stallion on the road. So I start from the front, work my way to the back. As the cars are exploding, the tram comes. One of the cars flew into the tram and the tram pushed it all the way down the road past Cranberry Station. Then I got two stars. Cop cars came, but they didn't rush the parking lot. Instead, they hung around below me on the sidewalk. So I dropped a few grenades. Blew up everything, but one car flew end over end. Three stars. Some cops spawn at the parking lot ramp coming towards me, so I shoot them with the M4. Then a heli comes. I shoot it down with the chaingun, and the heli comes down right between the two cars that are always parked at the edge of the elevated area. Huge explosion ensues, and after the smoke clears, I look down and see that the heli explosion took out a cop car, a cop bike and three more foot cops. I shoot some more cops. Then the SWAT van came, and another heli came at the same time. After I grenade the SWAT van, I proceed to take down the heli. This time, when it goes down, it crashes CLEAN THROUGH the glass on the second floor of the showroom, blowing up every single car on the first and second floors and earning its place as the most awesome explosion in my SA history. Now with five stars, I don't bother with the FBI; I'm really low on health, so I take the Sultan and casually drive in the Pay N' Spray.


After the wanted stars are gone, a lone FBI rancher gets stuck against the wall. So I jack it, take out the FBI, park it in my garage and save.

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I did two(2) different ones..one with cheats one without


Cheats (yes this was my first)





Heat seeking rocket launcher,



Dual Mac 10's,

cars of couse,

mini Gun



the muesem in LS (big one lots of people and you can find the camper dude there)


NRG-500 for shooting drive bys

4-wheeler for fast paced killing

Inferus for fast getta-way from the cops biggrin.gif


This is what happened,I went there with my NRG-500 parked it up top..i already had 4 wanted stars.so i was already getting shot 6 dumb-ass cops decide they want to mess with a mini gun LOL they must have called for backup because by that time i have FBI trucks climing up the hill and round back of my fort-so they try to attack me..i throw 4 grenades down to knock em off...First 3 worked well...but between the time i did the 3/4 shot i had gotten pushed back prob by a bullet.so i threw it and it got knocked back..almost lost all my health..put in the crap cheat..full health now..decided they should meet my M4..did i wiped out about 35-50 FBI guys before the army decided to show up (6 starts/felonys) so i had been a bit pissed i wacked em and then they decided to come up on my fort..which had to sides..i couldnt cover them fast enough..so i grabed my NRG and went off the side...by that time it was smoking black.so i decided to heal it...Bad idea..all that did was piss em off they blew it up right after i got off.. so i grabbed a inferus and went flying towads transfender...didnt work..they road blocked..so i decided to go towads hankey-pankey point...found a 4-wheeler on the way..grabbed it and went across the bridge to a Pay and spray


Without cheats(yes this is my second time but i think more exiting!)




Mini gun,

Tec 9 Dual weld,

Rocket launcher,


Rhino (is that counted as a car or a weapon?)

the sword (whats the name again?)


the bridge between SF and the boating school place...2 thing up ..

then i traveld to the boating school biggrin.gif


Sea sparrow


NRG-500 (for wheeling drive bys lol)


Hardest one Yet...lived a short period..they had helis all over..i couldnt excap but i did kill 19 helis and 340 guys in this one alone.i got to the boat school where i meet the FBI--they didnt like me..shot my from behind...i ran into the boat school office with VERY little health...going to die i thought..i ran out..kill every1 with a Rocket launcher..got REALLY pissed and sliced and diced there heads..going to get health near-by..found a health and jumped for joy (really i did in the game) only to find there were 2 helis after me..i jumps up on a dumpster and i rocketed them..unfortunally i got walled with a cannon from a tank...Darn


Thats about it (i killed nearly 600 between the two smile.gif )



Edited by IRaceGixxers.05

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This is in Multiplayer, NOT single player.


Cheats: None

Weapons: M4, Stachel Charges

Location:Entire State

Vehicles: Freight Train

Rampage Time: Unknown (This happened over three months ago, most likely around 45 minutes)


The rampage started at the LS Multiplayer spawn point. After highjacking a motorcyle and fighting over who got to drive it, player one got in the back and player two in the front. We took a short drive to Union station, and waited in the car for a freight train. The first train was a passenger, so we waited for around five more minutes until a freight train came. Player one got on the flatbed car, while player two (me) hijacked the train. I quickly accelerated with a LSPD office hanging on to the door who saw what happened. Player one blew his head off, literally, and jumped ontop of the engine car while crouching. After a short trip, we were at the Vagos 'hood, were I slowed down while player one got to blow up Vagos members (and run up and down the train doing it) 'till our felony meter was at three stars. When we continued, their was a helicopter on our tail, but couldn't find us in the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, the helicopter appeared, but player one shot it down with his M4. Soon, tons of sheriff cars were crashing into our train, trying (rather idiotically) to ram our train off the tracks. But the bridge was ahead, and the police cars ended up in the river. At the first Las Venturas station, I slowed down and allowed player two to cap everybody on the platform. The same thing at the next Las Venturas station. Through the desert, police cars continued to ram our train, but this time player one threw some stachel charges and bursts of M4 at them. Surviving through the desert, we stoped at Cranberry Station in San Frio to get a drink from the vending machine, but couldn't, so we killed everybody in the station by wiring it up with charges. Then we continued to the next railroad crossing, slowing down to allow player one to blow up the cars. The tunnel was quiet, but at the end a bunch of country police cars were waiting. The charges thrown by player one took care of them. At the downtown station of Los Santos, we shot everybody again. But on the way to Las Venturas again, player one was blown off the train by accidently jumping.

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tommy vercetti guy

A nice rampage: put a tank on the Julius Freeway over at Las Venturas. devil.gif

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cheats- always midnight, fog, invincible


It was Friday the 13th and I had jsut watched some of the Jason marathon on AMC. I then got an idea. I turned on my game, put CJ in Rural Clothes and Hockey Mask, equipped a knife, and went through the streets of san fierro, slicing up and stabbing any ped that i saw. I killed around 50 people before i turned it off, but it was fun.

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cheats- always midnight, fog, invincible


It was Friday the 13th and I had jsut watched some of the Jason marathon on AMC. I then got an idea. I turned on my game, put CJ in Rural Clothes and Hockey Mask, equipped a knife, and went through the streets of san fierro, slicing up and stabbing any ped that i saw. I killed around 50 people before i turned it off, but it was fun.

I love the Jason movies so that is one thing that I should try.

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