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Story line query

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I pay close attention to the storyline but i think something slipped by me recently.

I remember the mission when you steal the rhyme book for OG Loc off Mad Dogg to help his career. THEN when you make friends with Mad Dogg, he notices OG Loc must have his rhyme book (which you stole for him) so you go down and threaten OG Loc for stealing it at his video shoot.


Why didnt OG Loc just say to Mad Dogg "hey CJ is the one who actually stole it in the first place!"

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Maybe he wanted to live?

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Loc knew that CJ would beat his face in if he said anything so he kept his mouth shut. wow.gif

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Truthfully, I don't think Madd Dogg would trust this "thief" over his "best buddy."

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Well I just took it to mean this :


Loc was saying it was all his stuff on radio etc. Looked to Madd Dogg that Loc stole it.


CJ saves Madd Doggs life so he is entrusted to him. The offer to get him his book back was like a prayer from heaven for him.


And like the others here said , the look in CJ's eye warned Loc from opening his mouth.

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user posted image


Im jsut kidding...


I actually noticed this when I was playing the game, although I did not really think much of it, jsut thaught OG loc was just being a wimp... yin-yang.gif

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aaah so CJ telling him he was backstabbed etc was just an act

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