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High Noon - Help!

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Ok- I searched on this and am surprised I didn't find anything directly relevant BUT: I cannot pass High Noon. Following Pulaski is annoying enough in that stupid ATV but even when I get to the town where he circles around a few times (knowing that's my best opportunity,) I can't get enough shots in on his car. I've tried the drive-by method and I've tried standing in the street shooting at his car whenever he comes around. Nothing works to even get his car NEAR catching on fire.


The ATV gets destroyed too easily and tips too easily. I got lucky once and was able to keep the motorcycle I started the mission with so I could shoot while following but haven't been able to reproduce it again.


What's the deal?



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Edited by throwawayyy

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He really screws up when he gets into the city. Use this to your avantage! Get an MP5 (SMG) and drive-by him whenever he gets stuck. It worked for me. I'll try to make a video.


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Yea this misions kinda annoyin. 1 time i got a few satchel charges. Then i dun the mission. Jus keep followin him until u get in2 Fort Carson wer Pulaski goes round in circles. Now thers 2 things u mite do:

1. Wait till Pulaski crashes in2 a tree or wall or sumthin then get out and put a satchel on his car. Then get back and detonate.

2. Let Pulaski drive round the town then get outta ur car and lay a few Satchels on the road wer Pulaski goes. Now detonate them wen he drives past.


So that should make the mision easier. Try number 1 coz it works better.

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I never had ANY issues with it..I dont get it..I grabbed the bandito.. rammed him off the road, got out, he was wedged betwena rock, started shootin, he got out, got one shot off, and i beat it, in a matter of 45 seconds at most.(the starting point never even left my sights for more than a second.

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D Jones

Grab the Dunebuggy.


For me(both 3 times) he feel into a ditch and I just shot the hell out of his car. So basically get the Dunebuggy (advantage is ramming him and faster) or hope he crashes into a ditch. Amazingly I blew up his car.

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The first time I had no uzi to fire from the car, it was all about ramming, to test the mission... needless to say, it failed, but not without a serious fight!!

When I had a gun, it made much less effort as every time you ran along side, you sprayed the car.


As mentioned, ones in town, there are plenty of obstacles he hits and all you need to do is employ your prior racing skills, as you should know how to avoid the problems associated at this stage. Good practice is any high speed racing near Ventura for example. High speed racing in SF is more difficult with the hills, but it's sure fun to see the car fly.


Anyway, keep in mind, once the car is done, Polaski comes at you with armor and firepower, so fire quick and don't let up, he goes down like previous level-bosses, to put it in old-school terms.



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I wonder where one gets more ammo for the rocket launcher? It's still in my artillery thingy .... that would be simple wouldn't it?


Edited by jerkey

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I put an FCR-900 up the road for this mission, so it was just in sight, started the mission, got out my car , got on the bike, and shot his car to death over the handlebars!


To get more rocket ammo, go to Toreno's place after the flying missions.

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Just an FYI: I finished High Noon this morning by one method that wasn't mentioned here but really was the fastest way. I had my sniper gun, practiced quick aiming since you know where Pulaski's car is going to be exactly when he runs away ... and shot out his tire. you can get two if you're quick but both times I did this - his car immediately turns over as soon as he tries to escape and goes up the road. The first time he climbed out and killed me while I was reloading the M4, but the second time I got him.



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Here is one method that I have talked about. I flew to the place where you start High Noon with a jetpack and leave it outside the digging place where you make the whole for the cop in the cutscene. After the cutscene I took the jetpack and followed him, since some roads are long I went infront of him and got off my jetpack. I equiped myself with a rocket launcher and blasted his car.

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- Get the Heat Seeking Rockets from the airport in SF

- When he takes off, grab the dune buggy and start following him

- Right away you'll see the road switchbacks down the hill, as he heads to the first switchback, jump off the cliff and get to the bottom.

- Stand on the side of the road as he comes around the last switchback. 3 Rockets ought to take his car out, then switch to the M4/AK to finish the job.


*** you can also use the minigun instead of the rockets if you like.

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Ben Fleming

When I did High Noon, I thought I was screwed when I blew my buggy up in Fort Carson, I didn't know he drove around it... anyways, I found where he was doing his little loop, and I stood and waited with my nice M4. I don't suggest you try this, but I managed to pop him in the head as he was driving by. Quite funny, actually biggrin.gif

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Try the cheaters method! During the cutcene enter the destroy all cars cheat and he'll lose his car. I think that he is invincible while on foot until he enters a car. get ahead of him, jack a car, rig it w/ satchel charges, and get out. He should steal it if it i close enough to him. When he drives off, give hm a nice parting gift at the push of a button biggrin.gif

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When I played, on the second try I just used couple 100 rounds of minigun while he was runing to his car. While he runs get the tires first with the mingun, and then he'll swerve in his car and keep on shooting him, it's cake. You'll need a couple hundred rounds though, and before you walk into the circle to start the mission have the mingun out so you'll instantly have it when you have to shoot. die.gif

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