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The Sponsorship Scandal

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To all you foreigners with the confused looks on your faces, this is a Canadian thing wink.gif.


Link explaining the Sponsorship Scandal


So, I'm sorry I don't have the time to make a large intro to this, but what are you're thoughts on this whole thing?


It's my feeling that Chreitien is a grossly corrupt simpleton who should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, as should Alfonzo Galliano. Martin's role in the scandal, however is less clear. Although he must've seen what was going on, he did take serious steps, when he became PM, to clear up the whole mess.


All in all, I think, contrary to the Conservatives, that we should wait until the Gomery Inquiry is completed before passing any real judgement, or certainly calling an election. Imo, the only reason Harper wants an election is to take advantage of people while they're angry and still dont know all the facts.


So what are you opinions on all this? Is it part of a larger reaching issue? What steps should be taken and against whom?


Sorry for the rushed topic, though. blush.gif

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First Post, yay? (and by the looks of it, no one cares about Canada cry.gif


Chreitian was a cool guy. He was the PM for a reasonably long time and served pretty well. But now the sponsorship scandal comes into play. Now, if chretian was 100% guilty of what he is being charged of, then he should serve the punishment that he deserves.


Martin is a kinda cool wannabe guy. He's the pm now, and im glad, because he managed to get us outta some money problems.


Harper is an idiot (im liberal), please the only reason he is pull the "scandal" out is because its the only thing he got on martin. Without that, he got no reason to be alive in the political sperum. We need Martin for some good money making deisicons(sp). And of course they should investigate before they do anything.

Edited by Reincarnated

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Poor little neglected Canada...


From the lack of response to this topic, it really does look like nobody cares. Very close to what happens in the broader world. Every now and again the Economist writes a few words about us, and we Canadians collectively wet ourselves with delight at even the slightest acknowledgement.


My take on the sponsorship scandal is that the whole exercise is bad for us in the short term. Paul Martin, one of the few people in Canadian politics to have shown a glimmer of talent and integrity, is being slowly destroyed by a mess that was fundamentally Jean Cretien's doing. Since we no longer have the chance to punish Cretien, we're instead destroying a relatively decent man whose biggest flaw was being Cretien's successor.


Mind you, I'm all for exposing corruption and sleaze to the bright sunlight of public scrutiny. The only reason this scandal lives on is because Martin had the guts and honesty to start a public inquiry, unlike his predecessor, who abused his power under the cover of darkness. I imagine the heat of the scandal will burn out the Liberal's appetite for shady dealings... surely a good thing. It is destroying the Liberals, but at least it is also curing the decade's long disease. My biggest regret is that Cretien jumped ship, and is watching from the shore while his valiant first officer goes down with the ship.



P.S. Just recently the Conservative opposition released tapes which they claimed proved that the Liberals were offering jobs to Parliamentarians in exchange for support on a key budget vote. (The government just barely survived the vote in question.) However, independent investigators have found that the tapes were significantly doctored, so the Conservatives have taken a huge hit in their credibility. I'm delighted that their trick backfired... if any party, Liberal or Conservative, wants to play dirty politics like the Americans, they deserve to get burned.



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