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water boy

What the people are saying about the game

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water boy

I just have to let off steam-- I think this has been mentioned before, so someone may lock it.


quote from the Arizona republic: " The hot children's games aren't Clue or Candyland. They're video games like last year's best selling, award winner grand theft auto: san andreas, which features gang violence and the killing of female prostitutes......"




people who think "video games today are violent, and they need to go outside and play" are the ones saying these kinds of things-- Do you think this is right? San An is for entertaiment purpose only. This isn't how SanAn should be described! angry.gifangry.gif

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Yes this was posted on the news page for March 17th.


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Yes this was posted on the news page for March 17th.

Yes many subjects on this.... its tradgic really


The way i see it is

With all the speculation with the killing of prostitutes, Well, Are you tellin me the parents havnt heard this before they buy it for their child?

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Yes, stupid people will always say stupid things. They don't have a clue about the game except there is prostitutes and you can kill them. As long as there is GTA, then there will be people trying to take it down.

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water boy

My bad. It's just how the adults generalize this game. You dont go around killing people. You control him to. But those people....




P.S. This could be locked now. I'm sorry for all the trouble.


EDIT: WHOA! I got beat by 2 people


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How can the media be so god damn stupid! They havent even played the game! If they had played the game they wuda realised that the whole storyline revolves around stopping people taking drugs by killing drug dealers from on the street to the masterminds of drug operations! Isn't that a good thing?

Furthermore in the game the main character becomes a succesful business man rom growing up in the ghetto! Isn't that inspirational to young children?

Yes there is killing of prostitutes in the game but only for people who wish to do it!


Edit: I got beaten by 3 people!!!

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