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New GTA2 multiplayer map - MibCity


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I just made new GTA2 map for multiplayer, and now I have a small problem.

But first some screens to show my work:


Building full of jumps

user posted image


Over the road passes

user posted image


Wide pavements to allow fast traveling between buildings

user posted image


Two-level roads

user posted image


One wide road comes into 2 narrow ones

user posted image


OK, as You see my map is 99% done (only few bugs to delete), and now I'm writing script for it. And I found somme difficulties in creating "Double Damage" power-up generator.

I Write line like this:


GENERATOR d_damage_prawy_skok = ( 84.0 , 156.0 , 4.0 ) 0 MOVING_COLLECT_35 3000 3000

( generator name = (x y z) angle, type, min.delay, max.delay )


And it's not working... I have this problem only with double damage...

Anyone knows how to make it working?


BTW I'm also waiting for some map comments smile.gif


Sorry for my English - I'm from Poland

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Wide, open areas are really bad in multiplayer. Lots of odd-shaped buildings with stairs and things to dodge behind make for great games. In my MultiSlayer level I use fences and planters (solid boxes with small or large trees in them) to let players dodge behind, or throw molotovs and grenades over. In the industrial areas I use cargo containers and have lots of different sized warehouses with doorways you can use to get cover from weapons. It makes the game a lot more strategic. It is just "point and shoot" when you use areas with nothing in them.


Overhead walkways and stuff like that are cool, though. The windows of the buildings are not all the same so that makes things a bit more interesting. You've used the textures very carefully to make sure the pavement edges are correct and stuff like that, which is excellent, it's just that an open map like this won't play well in multiplayer. How big is it overall? Taking a screenshot of the little overall map in the top-right of the editor and posting it in this thread would help us to see. Big maps play badly online.


(EDIT) I'm not sure what the problem with your Double Damage is.

//double damageGENERATOR pupgen_ddmg_1 = (124.5,177.0,255.0) 0 collect_35 2000 2000GENERATOR pupgen_ddmg_2 = (072.0,097.5,255.0) 0 collect_35 2000 2000[...]SWITCH_GENERATOR (pupgen_ddmg_1, ON)SWITCH_GENERATOR (pupgen_ddmg_2, ON)

Maybe your names are just too long, or they don't match? Or perhaps your use of "MOVING_COLLECT" is not correct? My edited version of Pyro's tutorial on the subject might help you: GTA2 Coding: Weapons

Edited by Cerbera
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I copied that line into a script, changed the coordinates and it worked. I assume you have SWITCH_GENERATOR ( d_damage_prawy_skok , ON ) after LEVELSTART. Unless it's on a conveyor or you want it to appear and then fall to the ground, you should just use COLLECT_35 instead of MOVING_COLLECT. There's also a limit to the number of GENERATORS you can have but it's safe to use under 100.

Edited by Sektor
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Hey! nice to see someone, that has used Map Editor smile.gif

I tried "collect_35", and then "moving_collect_35" and they both didn't work...

I tried not to make big open areas, because in multiplayer they are useless, but I made few wide passes beetween roads to allow fast car chases.

Map will be avaliabe in few days, because I have to set weapons and powerups, some cars, then betatests, correcting bugs, then again tests ,and then relase smile.gif


BTW - 3 years ago I started making full-size industrial map, and I stopped making it when I discovered, that I don't know how to make trains. Do You know how to do this?




S3ktor - Yes, I used switch generator ON, but it didn't work in any coords..


EDIT2: PROBLEM SOLVED - It just begin working after namechange smile.gif

Now double damage + fast reload can make dual pistol better than flamer smile.gif

Edited by mibars
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GTA2 Coding: Trains - another tutorial originally by Pyro.


When you changed the name, did you make it shorter? It might just have been that the name exceeded a limit in the compiler or something like that. How about that overview image?

Edited by Cerbera
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  • 3 weeks later...


now ver. 1.1


Here U are:





Please play with Sektor's Game Hunter - many people there has downloaded it yesterday and today!


Size - small (like TinyTown etc.)

Players 1-6 (for single player look in multiplayer map menu for "mibcity single player")

fun - biggrin.gif


As U see at screens this is small city adopted to be multiplayer (it isn't an arena, or race track) it's like default multi maps.


Edited by mibars
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Great MAP!!!!!


I would love to host it here.


Is this ok for you, because it really rocks smile.gif.



cu, Draco


PS: Mibars, keep on creating a such good gta2 maps

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Oh thanx a lot smile.gif

As I see u have hosted new (1.1) version just few minutes after uploading it on my servers smile.gif


Some facts about v1.1:

-more respawn points

-diffrent remaps of players 3, 4, 5 and 6

-added "1 player multiplayer" - single play in multiplayer menu


New "bugs" (but I don't think, that this is so important to make new version):

-one place is not textured - single strip near place when 1 player begins game

-no invisibility at the end of this narrow windy pavement


BTW - I see, that You have been on my homepage. Look into GTA2 section and then "Mapa do GTA2 V.0.3.2 (26.03.2004)" <--it is my first map. or only half-map without powerups, and weapons, BUT with GUN SHOPS like flame thrower shop (in this small estate) or machine-gun shops (one is in "zaibatsu styled" sections in docks) There are few more shops, but U have to found it yourself smile.gif (hint - play in night - look for yellow flashing signs)

Screens - http://mibars.w.interia.pl/gta2mapa.html

download - http://mibars.w.interia.pl/super.zip


again - sorry for my english...

Edited by mibars
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