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Gta2 glitches and bugs.

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I've found out some glitches in Gta2:


- Enterable building in Mobile RV, it is the building where a shotgun spawns in front of it you can just jump through the wall there but you can't get out.


- Wrong guy at the mission Grandpa we love you! When you kill the rednecks a redneck will come up and say: Killing the rednecks at this stage of the job wasn't clever, THC-303. Now it's pointless carrying on.


- Dead people on treetops: Just use a rocket launcher to shoot people away. You can also hop on to treetops yourself.


- Car on exploded trailer: Get a trailer to a crane, put a car near the crane, the crane will pick it up and put it on the trailer before it does that blow up the trailer, you will know have a exploded trailer with a car on it, pretty boring though.


- After the mission Penal ties the redneck red mission 2 the alma matter prison stays open go over there to kill alot of people and get alot of points.


- Also made some other side-missions to make the game less boring, just use styed.exe and put forhire on a limo for limo-driving missions and a forhire on

hotdogs to sale hotdogs just use your imagination smile.gif .


-When you have a ramp which you can't go up by car hold the brake and you can drive on their!

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Edited by Sektor

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The old railroad in the east side of the map, won't electrocute you.

However, if you stand on that railroad and you walk to a place with a pillar, you'll get electrocuted.

user posted image



Also, at the start of level 2, there is always a fight between the gangs.

Redneck kills SRS, Zaibatsu runs Redneck over. But then, the Zaibatsu drives to the railway and tries to get away in the tunnel. Since that is not possible a train will kill him.

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