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i never lose guns.

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ok, i have one save game with all the girlfriends, including the one who lets me keep my guns after geting killed and the one after geting busted. then i started a new game and i wount lose guns after getting busted or killed and i have passed only about 20 missions and i havent dated anyone. is this happened before, and i see grove gang memebers all around in LS. dunno wtf is wrong. can 2 saves affect each other. and this is NOT bs!!!

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no, it is not BS - it's well known i think


i dunno, i think they can,much if in GTa3 you started a new game aftter nhaving 100% then youcouldn't redo it or somthing


don't worry, any minute now Mxy or Nin will correct me then tell you to use search


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This can happen. I had a save file with my health bar at max and then the file crashed. So I had to start new game and now every time my health is upgraded it says full. The game does not forget your previos save game file. Eg,photos health bar etc...

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If you load a game in which you have dated Katie and Barbara, then start a new game from that load you will keep weapons. To start a new game without keeping weapons, you have to remove the memory card before loading the game.

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This is real old. But anyway good job 4 findin it on ur own (dont no how many times i said that now).

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I got to 100% with Denise, then it slid back when I returned to LS, What the hey!???

I startedd with Millie, though I know you are supposedly able to get the key-card by wasting her I opted to try traditional methods, but wondering how to tell if you will be 'spied on' by other girlfriends to avoid that, and the result if you don't. To avoid backsliding, I usually update my saves with good successes. If I fail to much on an outing, I start over.


I've kept the same card in the machine so I assume if you start the game at any time with the current one completed (dating missions)? Seems like alot of dancing, which I don't care for, and waiting for them to show up or call hehehe


Bill (who never calls) rolleyes.gif

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