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[Photoshop CS] Pixel Dust


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In this tutorial I will teach you how to create pixel dust.


1. Open a new document any size. Make the background black. Press "D" to make your colors black and white (default).


user posted image


2. Now change the foreground color from black to white and then select the paint brush.


3. Click the small arrow on the top right corner of the pallete. From that menu select reset brushes so that we know we have the correct brush for making the pixel dust.


user posted image


4. Now click brushes on the right in the top menu.


5. In "Brush Tip Shape" select the circular brush with the size of nine and use the settings I have below.


user posted image


Now click "Shape Dynamics" and use the settings below.


user posted image


Now click "Scattering" and use the settings below.


user posted image


6. Now exit out of your brush pallete and begin painting. Your result should look something like this.


user posted image

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