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If you re-found Tags, or Oysters

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There are a few people who went through collecting all the Oysters and Tags who then had to go back a 2nd time over and re-find a few to collect them all.


Is that you?


If so, I have a request from you.


Could you please explain, or show to me the location in which you Re-Found the Tags and/or Oysters you had to go back to find?


I'm thinking that since I have 2 Oysters and 1 Tag to re-find... Maybe there are some common places where Tags or Oysters have glitched to cause them to not register the 1st time.


So by a collective effort of people explaining or showing where they re-found these Items, I might help me and others Re-find our items faster.


Please and Thank You for your Help. cookie.gif

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I don't think these tags/oysters dissapeared, I think I just missed them, using the map, I do not believe in the dissapearing objects.


Here are the ones I couldn't find, but I found them later on.

I put the oyster and the tag on the same map.


user posted image

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No I didn't mean they dissapeared on me, they didn't.


I went through them all using the map and collected them all, scratched them off after I collected them and I went through 100. But 100 didn't register.


So I'm just simply asking people who have gone back to find Tags or Oysters... where did they find them?


Maybe they will be in the same place for me.

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Well I've gone through them so many times I don't recall which ones I actually missed, but I believe any of them that didn't "count" were probably because I didn't save immediately after getting them and me assuming I actually had gotten them.


That said, I do know of a few that I totally missed or took me quite a while to find.


Tags (Numbers correspond to this map)


#32 - Camouflaged in the wall just north of where a car pulls out of a drive.

#51 - Hidden in a dark, recessed part of the wall.

#96 - Camouflaged on an angled corner of the building.


Oysters (Numbers correspond to this map)


#14 - Mistakenly assumed I had gotten, location is a bit off.

#21 - Location is a bit off.

#25,30,37 - Again, assumed done and incorrect.

#31 - Location is off.

#33 - Very deep!

#35 - Well hidden, assumed wrong again.


That's about it for what I can remember having trouble with. Are you sure all your tags "registered" with the "Doink!" sound? Did you mark any off that maybe you didn't save after??


Good luck!!


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