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German Official Xbox Magazine Preview


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I noticed that a few of these scans are showing shots from the PS2 version (or at least I've seen them used previously). Specifically the smaller ones, like the fat CJ image series. Not that the small ones are very interesting anyway tounge.gif

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Nice scans Mxyzptlk. I glad you can control the camera because in Grand Theft Auto: III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the camera, while not a major problem, was still a problem. Rockstar North really did do a good job with the sky (click here to see a good example of it) Credit: Mxyzptlk


2 Things I noticed.

  • All the magizines have Caesar on the front.
  • Why, today? If you look at GTASanAn.com you can see that in the past two days there are 7 news updates compared to 0 from April 15th to the 19th
Edited by street454
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Now look at this.. it seems we will be seeing empty streets again in GTA. Look at the large boulevard in the background of this picture, it is empty! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v234/dmckilli/s_09.jpg


i think they did make a 'special scene' for the screenshots, with this i mean there was nothing moving, the cars and so on were specially placed into the scene and not moving also the camera was fixed, but that's only an idea of me, which would describe why there are no other peds and stuff like this in background



Thanks Mxyzptlk, good scans.  Like the last one!!


lol.gif i first thought they were to dark (i scanned those with 48bit true color) but when you say you like them, it's ok for me, btw if you want the full article scans of this mag i could give it in a smaller size included in a pdf if you guys want it, i also have the original files from where those smaller pictures came, the original page scans are in size 2396x3302 pixels photoshop format, total file size = 189 MB^^ the pdf would have a file size of about 16 MB, but i think it's a bit illegal so i didn't upload them yet (do you think i should upload it?), so the only which i did upload were the pictures you see there, but to the german article there is no special information included only this what is already known:


"- Release: 10. Juni

- 1 bis 2 Spieler (Multiplayer Modus)

- höherer Detailgrad der Texturen, sowie höhere Anzahl an Polygonen bei den Modellen

- Replay Funktion, mit der man kleine Videos aufnehmen kann

- eigener (zwölfter) Radiosender, auf dem die eigenen, auf der Festplatte abgespeicherten Songs, abgespielt werden, Werbeeinblendungen zwischen den Songs inklusive

- konstantere Bildrate, weniger Pop-ups, kürzere Ladezeiten"


that means:


- Release on june, 10th (europe version date)

- 1 to 2 players (multiplayer like in the ps2 version)

- higher details of the textures, and higher poly-objects (models have more polygons so they look better)

- Replay function, which allows you to record it / make small videos

- a 12th radiostation which plays your own songs that you placed on your xbox harddrive, and between the songs there are comercials (like the pc version has it too)

- more constant screen/picture refresh rate (i didn't know the exact english word for this, can someone tell me what it is in english?), less pop-ups (because of the improved draw distance), shorter loading times


greetings from germany

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enforca yes we would love to see the full scans. if you resize the pages to about width 1000 and change type to jpg you should be fine. if you are not comfortable posting them here just send me a private message.

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