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First work at photoshop

Recommended Posts

user posted image



user posted image




user posted image



And no need to tell me they suck, i know that.

Just started using photoshop..No former GFX experiences either. Advice is welcome.

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Don't take my advice as offensive:


Pic 1: Possibly the best one, but it looks like you just took a few pictures, and added the motion blur/overlay effect to simulate rain (nothing wrong with the rain effect, just the picture doesn't show much effort).


Pic 2: Seems like you just used the difference clouds filter, and set the layer to overlay, not much to be done there.


Pic 3: Simple resized pic? Anyone can do that in photoshop. The 'Z' just doesn't fit, especially the coulour, but that might be my opinion. Still, the 'Z' is too pixelated for my liking.


My advice would be to learn some drawing techniques, and to substitute techniques like using the cloud render for other things like abstract brushes (good idea to try and make your own, becomes more original.)


EDIT: The rain in the first pic overlaps the border, making it look wierd.

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i agree with what is said above but i will add some extras.


The firsy picture is a excellent start to photoshop you have used about 4 or 5 diffrent things in creating the picture which is more than i managed on my first attempt. i would suggest going to a photoshop tutorial website - just google it. The from there build up your skills.


By creating these pics you have show you can use the basic functions all to do know is master the rest of the program. And as said above originality is the key with photoshop if you want stunning work. Well done and stick at it.



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That looks nicer, but can i ask how you got the background, it's a nice effect, especially if you made it your self. It looks like you may have used the cloud render thing again, but you've put it to better use than the others. The text is also well placed in my opnion.


EDIT: a good site for tutorials is pixel2life, and deviantART might have some as well (haven't been there lately)


EDIT 2: WTF? the post above me wasn't there 2 minutes ago.

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That last ones not bad,just lower the opacity of the abstract layer, so that you can see the image below a little more clearly.


I like the second to last one, but maybe you shoukd change the font, arial is just very plain. Try something a little more interesting, I personally prefer pixel lettering

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For your first attempt at a complex programme like PS, it's pretty good - I mean, it's simple, but it should be if you're only a beginner. Good work. colgate.gif
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For the last one, you might want to lower the opacity, and erase the middle part of the abstract layer. Use the eraser at about 50% opacity or less,

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