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Oh noez! v2.0


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First my brand new PC and now my Xbox!

I'm thinking I have to replace something on the inside doctor, here are my symptoms:

-Loud clacking/scraping noises

-No discs(even brand new ones) are not being read

-When Eject button is pressed CD comes out still spinning


If its true that I need to replace something, can someone tell me where I can buy a replacement or if I'm better off getting a new Xbox?


For your help I will give you 2 meatloaf sammiches and 1 dodo egg.

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You probably need a new DVD drive. My XBox conked out at christmas time.. It seven thousand hours logged on it though, so I can't really complain. I should really order a new drive when I get my pay wow.gif



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Don't Microsoft replace them? If not you could pick up a new drive cheaply, as long as you're not after a Samsung, and replace it in much the same way as you would a PC drive.

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