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Could someone make my avatar bigger, like to the avatar max limits without making it go out of focus? thanks. If possible could someone eles help me pick out a good fon't color to go with my sig? like i prefer a darker color or w/e i can also change the color of the writing in my sig etc...so if anyone wants to help thanks a lot.
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ok ive chaged the size but it looks whack, its no good making things bigger because you ALWAYS loose quality. it just made you a quick fix because im going to bed.


if you like ill spend sometime tomorrow sorting a nice one out because it looks nasty how ive enlarged it, BUT ill have to do a whole new sig so give me some stats and stuff and in about 12 hours lmao, i will get going on it for you.





forgot the pic lol, must be tired.


user posted image

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Pumpkin Zone
Could someone make my avatar bigger

Ahem. You made his SIGNATURE bigger. Anyway, I chose a few colors:


1.) B44C8C


2.) 99008C


3.) 6ED26B


4.) 662164




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