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This forum is for discussion of editing developments, progress of software, and editing breakthroughs ONLY!


If I see any posts about "look at my new car", the post will be DELETED - I'm fed up with moving them all to the other Modification Showroom.


What can you expect to see in this forum then you may ask?


Documenting GTA-VC memory adresses


DiscussionCharacters and Animation - Technical Discussion


Check out the Business Pages before creating a new topic also.


Useful / important topics in Editing / Misc:


San Andreas (no particular order):

Lightwave 8 SA DFF exporter


Majestic's SA DFF viewer


SA Admin Console


SA Mod Installer (W.I.P.)


SA Vehicle Stats Editor


SA Coordinates App


PedStat Editor


IMG Tool for San Andreas



San Andreas Memory Addresses


GTAVC / 3 memory addresses


SFX Archive listing


Business Pages - a listing of where to get what apps and software you need


Free Sourcecode courtesy of Delfi!


Spooky's DirectX Speedo mod (source provided)


Xbox-like Graphics on the PC - more Directx methods discussed


PROJECTX( [sheep] and spooky )


Control WinAmp through GTA (!!!)


How to change color of Lights on Police Cars, others


DLL Linker (useful for multiple directx mods)


VC on the Brume Engine


Other Useful Places...

For Tutorials and guides, see the Tutorial Forum


Recruiting for a tc, or have a mod idea? Visit the Request Forum.


Need assistance, or have questions on getting something to work right? Take a stroll to the Troubleshooting boards.

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