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Mod Showroom Format

Recommended Posts


With the rush of SA PC nearly upon us I think its time to get some new/updated rules in place in an attempt to organize the mission code modification showroom. This will hopefully keep this Showroom clean and tidy, as well as people keeping on-topic. Based on the Forum Format by uzer_errors.


Topic Icons/Differentiate Between Platforms (SA/VC/GTA3)

Because SA will soon be released we are going to have to easily differentiate between the mods released and what platform they are for. To help differentiate between mods specifically designed for, intended for, or will only work in either GTA3, VC and SA, use one of the new post icons to specify which game it's for. If your mod works for both, pick whichever icon you would like. We have just had a SA icon implemented. Also through ease of use it could possibly be a better option to enter this in the topic title/description.


Mod Theft

Mod theft is taken very seriously and many people have been banned in the past for this. Don�t try it you wont get away with it, you may end up getting banned for your actions however. This is a serious issue and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If you're using substantial pieces of code by other authors you should get their permission and give them credit.

Obviously a line has to be drawn somewhere, but I remind you it can be a bannable offence with at the least a long Temp Ban.


Topic Title

To keep this nice and tidy some rules are enforces on titles, the format to be used is:


[ Phase | Type ] Name
you can use the second line to display your creativity and wit.



Phase Purpose of the topic


WIPAnnounce progress to the public

Get Feedback on the ideas,functionality,gameplay


ALFA/BETAMake your work available for testing (by a restricted group)

Receive feedback from the testers and give them support


REL (release id)Make your work available to the general public.

Receive feedback from the users and give them support

Type Description
TC (Total Conversion) These mods involve complex changes to the game.


These mods add new or replace existing missions.THREAD


These mods add new functionality to the game by means of adding one or more threads, so that this can easily be added to an existing (modded) main.scm by advanced users.OBJECTSThese mods add/replace or move various types of objects in the game like: hidden packages, weapon or other pickups, parked car generators ....TOOLThis category includes all tools related to mission-coding.MISCAny mods that can not be categorized in any of the other typesSource Code

If you supply source-code for your work, which is strongly recommended, be sure to use the following guidelines:

• clearly state the tools(with version) for which the sources are intended.

• Do not include the full source in your message itself, but use a link.

• Clearly state the conditions for re-use of the published sources.




ALL posts should be constructive to the topic. What does this mean? NO posting in a topic asking where you can download the latest version of modelling software, telling some other poster that you like their sig, requesting a car, etc. These types of posts will be deleted. If you are a repetitive offender (several times), or have been around long enough that you should be familiar with these rules, we may go as far as to warn you. Spam will still be handled in the usual fashion. If you are unsure as to what classifies as spam, read the forum rules. They're posted in here and in the announcement forum, if you can't manage to find the link at the top of this forum.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, post here.


With SA just around the corner we look out for some new and interesting modifications released here, most of all have fun join the modding experience.



by GT-1 & PatrickW

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