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The Official Xtream Sports Guide

Recommended Posts


Here's a new one - traffic hopping.


Grab a BMX and ride out to a freeway. When you've got some speed up, get on the wrong side of the road so the traffic is coming towards you and hold L1 to get a bunny hop ready. If you release it at just the right point when a car's coming towards you it will act as a ramp and you'll get some more air.


This takes some practice but if you get it slightly wrong you'll go spinning off - which is still a great trick.


Don't try it in a tunnel.

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turtle dick



To make tricks on a rail you need a bit speed but not much. The ''basic'' trick is that after about 3 seconds of grinding you press the analog down and you should do a spinning trick, try to grind as long as possible to get the bike spin more. I don't know how to make other tricks, but there probably exist more.

You usually must have sparks, which means your bike is grinding a bit fast, to get better tr

What do you mean with 'spinning trick' ?

When i push the analog stick down while grinding, CJ leans back and falls of the rail...

Maybe somebody can make a video of this 'spinning trick'.

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Wow 10 day bump but anyway I would like to add one.




First get a good bike(NRG500 would be fine.) and find a good city place with lots of space. Then you get your bike and start a wheelie. Keep the wheelie up for as long as you can until you hit the wall. Pull back on your analog stick and if done right you should go up the wall and fall back down.




You can do this with any bike. Now to do this line up the bike to a short line of steps and make sure that is not to close. Then reverse until you are happy with the distanance and accelarate. It would be better to do a whellie while spedding down. Now when you go up the steps turn your bike so that its wheels are facing the wall, and if done right you should stick to the wall for a bit and then fall.

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u can do stuff like 180 to rails and things. thats what i call tricks. i like to do it with bmx. and i have marked about 64 good grind spots for bmx and maybe bikes in LS and i ma marking them to a map nad i will do it soon.

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I like doing tricks around the sewers that led to the lowrider mod garage. I've done some pretty cool things while speeding up to the garage border. I've done a 360 with a front wheel grind and stoppie.

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turtle dick

It's a shame that such a good topic is being ignored...


Some more grind rails:


user posted image


This is the overpass in the Vagos territory. The rails are a bit high to grind, but if you do it my way (put a Dozer on the bridge, jump on and try to land in a grind) it's not that difficult. 3/5



user posted image


A pretty obvious and easy rail. 1/5


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There's a "skatepark" at Santa Maria Beach next to the pier with glory hole.

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